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Drama & action & mystery RP show

Power struggles between NYC wealthiest families, nothing short of drama, lust, scandals, secrets and of course, possible murder.

When the head of one of the filthy rich families ends up dead -- who is to benefit? A family suspect or one of the enemy families? One thing is certain, things are going to heat up.

“There are no real secrets among the rich, it turns out. Just people paid to keep them.”
Char. name ⇨ Username

Scarlett Waldorf ⇨ DVS194
Felix Waldorf ⇨ BIGDIZZLE
Sanda Waldorf ⇨ ESPONTANEO
Declan Kassir ⇨ BAD18LIFE
Maeve Kassir ⇨ AVATAR20
Reggie Kassir ⇨ HUDSPITH
Delaney Kassir ⇨ GLINDA
Angel Willhougby ⇨ SYMMETRY88
Dinah Willhougby ⇨ DEMGIRL6
Hope Willhougby ⇨ IGODDESS
Percival Denson ⇨ TIZIAN
Dominique Denson ⇨ TURKEYLOVER
Valerie Denson ⇨ NATECLOVE
Chase Clemonte ⇨ RAIN848
Ayumi Wei Clemonte ⇨ RISEKUJIKAWAS
Roman Huntington ⇨ IGODDESS
Rayne Huntington ⇨ RAIN848
Nailah Huntington ⇨ KINGGEEK
Etienne Huntington ⇨ PENNYTRATIONSTAN
Neve Huntington ⇨ ICEQUEEN
Zarina Umbra ⇨ IGODDESS
Stephanie ??? ⇨ TOMMY123

Blair Bass-Waldorf
Chuck Bass
Warren Kassir [DEAD]
Mr. Willhougby
Mrs. Willhougby
Mr. Denson
Monica Denson
Minka Clemonte
Mason Huntington

Ep 1 - Cutting Diamonds
Ep 2 - Lavish Coffin
Ep 3 - Fashionably Late
Ep 4 - Pot of Golden Scandals
Ep 5 - Grand Sacrifice [FINALE]

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