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Eclipse s2

In the small town of Hartford back in the olden days there were tales of witches and witchcraft. Due to these tales 23 women were burned alive in a church on October 31st 1662 . It’s still unknown til this day if all those women were witches. But since then the town has been known to be a magnet to the supernatural world causing horrific and mysterious events in this town.

In modern days the Supernatural world is kept secret from the teens of Hartford for their own good. The mystery of the supernatural has began unfolding as the Witch Frau Perchta pursued Cradle Born Witches for her quest to fulfill a deal with a demon who has contracted her. After the terrorizing events a witch used a memory charm on the children effected in order to protect the simple mortals and witches involved. Without realizing it she made it worse as Frau previously activated a centuries old werewolf curse that changed the lives of some of those teenagers that day. With the Spell coming undone and the memories rushing in about the day the Christmas Witch Attacked the secrets of this town are sure to spread to the Youth of Hartford. Darkness looms over Hartford as the supernatural magnet draws in danger getting ready to change the live of these teens forever.

James Fields (Hazbez94)
Chad Jefferson (Demgirl6)
Theo Oppenheimer (Logie56)
Hattie Nelson (Mildsalsa)
Romilly Cook (Happiwildflower64)

Possessed 👻
Monte Bolzan (Bigdizzleyomama)[Coma]

Hali Richmond (Rain848)
Violet Halstead (DVS194)
Garrett Frampton (Pokepat)

Vienna “V” Chrysler (Finnick)
Mitchell “Mitch” Gray (Coolbrandonman)
Martin Hudspith (Hudspith)
Ike Grant (Tizian)
Imani Altman (Chicklet)
Tommy Connolly (Tommy123)

Jepson Ray (CoolKat)
Levi Brooks (Piddu)
Tempest Devereux (Maya10)
Denise Carmichael (Mitsuki)
Cameron Canigula (Symmetry888)
Estelle Walker (RyanAndrews)
Paisley White (Bigdizzleyomama)
Star Cooper (Crocadilly)

Talutah Tudor (Dawnpeacly)
Seren White (Igoddess)
Melody Heintz (SirNiceGuy)
Kitty Gainsborough (Symmetry888)[DEAD]
Kristen Lee (Rain848)[DEAD]
Selene White (Rain848)

Pilot: Frau Perchta the Christmas Witch
Season 1:
EP 1: Dream Again 1/23/2019
EP 2: Extraction
EP 3: Ascendant

Halloween Episode: When the Veil is Thinnest
Season 2:
EP 1: Genie in A Bottle
EP 2: Candyman

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Eclipse s2

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