The Fallen Kingdom

Edella the capital of the Shadow Lands also known as the Fallen Kingdom. The Kingdom consist of multiple lands filled with Knights, Ladies, Smiths, Lords, Princes, and Princesses. The Shadowlands has been a United Kingdom with King Elijah former lord of The Stampede Lands. Under his Rule Elijah has has been loved and feared keeping the people in check from revolting.

As time passes Elijah has married four times not being able to produce his rightful heir. He has not yet been seen since he executed his last wife for not producing him a heir. There has been reports that the king is not doing well and with out a heir to take his place the Kingdoms around the lands are talking. King Elijah knows he has to pick a successor but who will be the right one. Alliances are being formed and people are stepping forward to try and take there spot on the throne for the Shadow Lands. As the great princesses, prince, lords and ladies make there way to the capital to see the decision of the King will the balance King Elijah has set for the kingdom be disturbed.

Main Cast:
Rowena Zelroth (Mitsuki)
Radcliff Chioma (BigDizzleyoMama)
Lu’Ketsya “LuLu”(Crocadilly)
Allegra Jahanshah (Dvs194)
Tyrus “Ty” Gold (Rain848)
Heloise Esclamonde (mildsalsa)
Hera Gold (Noxity)
Ngozi Ereby (Finnick)
Tempest Lafayette (Maya10)
Martin Brackwell (Hudspith)
Duncan Stoneshire (Logie56)
Rafael Azareth (Piddu)
Ashrah Kahn (Rain848)
Adolamin Fletcher (RyanAndrews)
Cordelia “Cor” Fletcher (happiwildflower64)
Edith Oxheart (Chicklet)
Andulin Varsall (MudkipzFTW)
Lennox Cronshaw (Coolbrandonman)
Serid Stone (PoohSnap)
Amora Altadonna (Symmetry888)
Jasper Rhodes (Cyrus)
Laurelei Frost (IGoddess)
Sirius Auditore (Bad18life)
Qiyana Qadir (Tizian)

Other Characters:
King Elijah Oxheart

Season 1:
Episode 1: Pilot
Episode 2: The Great Unknown
Episode 3: Destiny
Episode 4: Veil

Featured Players 22 playing

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The Fallen Kingdom: S1 Episode 2 The Great Unknown
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The Fallen Kingdom

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