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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is capricorn☼ pisces☾ aquarius↑

He/Him, 22, Moroccan/French
Aw such a sweetie, we don't really talk a ton but he's always been nice to me and I do feel like he's just a fun guy. I definitely enjoy watching his snap story like he's an influencer vlogger but DAMN how did this motherfucker not get covid.
Loves xx <3
Sent by peterya,Jun 13, 2021

Dracarys - You piss me off sometimes, but you have a good heart. We’ve talked a lot more lately than we ever have and it’s good to have someone that makes me chuckle.
- Joey96

dracarys BITCH remember when you called me ugly behind my back!! Jk ilysm. You’re one of the few people on here I genuinely trust and I definitely have a soft spot for you. We always have super funny calls and you always make me laugh. I feel like if we met irl we would be really close.
~ Bluejay7622
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  19. POV: You didn't use multis this time3rd
  20. No because7th