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Pokepat & Tizian Productions™

Following their college graduation, a group of peers is invited to go on a senior trip to Europe for a month of exploring, touring, and partying before they're sent off into the world of adulting. When something causes their plane to spiral out of control, they're stranded on a deserted island with nothing but their belongings and a lot of trauma to unpack.

RISK is an open roleplay designed to push character to their limits and force players to work together and survive the threats that face them on the island. While there will be a main plotline to guide you through the season, you're not required to abide by our schedule, and if you want to pursue your own path in the story, that is possible. Think choose your own ending. This is all about pacing your character's story arc and developing the best (or worst) end for every member.

◉ Jayden Collins [Pokepat]
◉ Nina Furusaka [Pokepat]
◉ Priya Pavagi [Tizian]
◉ Freddie Apostola [Tizian]
◉ Lexie Duncan [coolKat]
◉ Lance Spaulding [Coolbrandonman]
◉ Sean Gayle [lionsden121]
◉ Malika Lacroix [Maya10]
◉ Olivia "Liv" Fitzgerald [Rain848]
◉ THE Annie Kayne [nateclove]
◉ Damien Villaburg [bigdizzleyomama]
◉ Malakai "Kai" Dario [Scarelet]
◉ Aloe Vera [Symmetry888]
◉ Clementine "Clem" Izumi [Mitsuki]
◉ Carlos Rivera [PoohSnap]
◉ Rinnie Fischer [PennyTrationStan]
◉ Isabella "Bella" Risto [Demgirl6] - killed
◉ Kitanya "Kitty" Garner [Ajathekween] - died in plane crash
◉ Krystal Jem [Jre777] - died in plane crash
◉ Floyd Heywood [IceBear] - drowned
◉ Margot Evans [turkeylover] - throat slashed
◉ Maci Rogers [Tommy123] - throat gunned
◉ Alison Hannah [Crocadilly] - sniped
◉ Jermaine "Jay" Withers [JTthePrince] - escaped

101: "Fear the Unknown"
102: “Belief Perseverance”
103: “Call of the Wild”
104: "The Risks You're Willing to Take"

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