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Hello, my name is ♥samhuss is my better half forever ♥ & Erick is my favorite gay .

♥J Lo is my inspiration♥

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I thank jesus ,kat, my friends and the pink power ranger

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  1. free gift opp/vote
  2. Candyshop re-brandingvote
  3. Hey loser! Your fat jokesvote15th
  4. I’m not even her friend vote
  5. PYN and I’ll tell you if I’ll ever call you
  6. Psychovote
  7. I am more non Indian vote
  8. Stop fucking lying you piece of shitvote
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  12. I’m the classiest lady on tengaged vote
  13. Rihanna says,try again.
  14. How much weight will you gain from a pop tart?
  15. Same
  16. Go! The highest scorer when this blog expires gets..
  17. For every 10 points13th
  18. Im so T broke T.T
  19. (inlove)
  20. who has 210 ts and wants these lips?

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