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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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Apr 15, 2024 by Minie
I completely understand Evan’s logic but where did that rule go of people living together can’t be in the same game?

Not that I care for it to be back when I don’t play a single game but  just curious.


Here is the main point, he said he would do the challenge, he showed up like few minutes before the daychange, Santu did the challenge and he trolled doing the challenge so they lost for it
Sent by Diancie,Apr 15, 2024
Diancie I mean .es and .br people threw to take bomberv's tribe and me/ breadnbutter out so? Why is it bad when evan does it but when your premade does its fine
Sent by Amixoxi,Apr 15, 2024
The thing is he is playing the victim if you are gonna throw challenges, you cant play the victim Amixoxi
Sent by Diancie,Apr 15, 2024
Diancie but that is what your doing lol the .br premade threw 6 comps to take us out and now the same people r complaining when its done to them.....
Sent by Amixoxi,Apr 15, 2024
Amixoxi with the sound logic
Sent by BrittBritt,Apr 15, 2024
amixoxi whatever the .br did is not the .es problem, we havent done shit
Sent by Diancie,Apr 15, 2024

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