Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Wyatt Andrew Swaby

joined - 5/31/18
white level -5/31/18
yellow level -6/13/18
orange level -7/13/18
light green level - 8/5/18
dark green level - 9/4/18
Blue level - 12/11/18
Purple level - 1/3/19
Red level - 1/29/19
Brown level - 3/15/19
took a break - 4/1/19 - 1/25/20
black level 4-4-20
•won 3 fastings
•won 4 castings
• won 1 rookies
• won 2 frookies
•0 survivor merges
•highest vivor streak is 0
•0 hunger wins
•0 stars wins

rp characters -
miles woods -The secret land of hollywood

Social media -
Sc: Alex_standall01

Past frats
🐺 pack: 1st ever frat 2018-2019
I’m a 🐍 bitch: 2nd frat 2019 - April 2020
Avengers: April 2020- present
hunger kills
Vort was killed in a fight with Wyatt2001
Ratchett was killed in a fight with Wyatt2001
KarmaSutra was killed in a fight with Wyatt2001
Blitszims was shot dead by Wyatt2001
Eilish was shot dead by Wyatt2001

frooks tributes - (reasons you might trust me in a game (:

Robbed. I honestly didn't really know how close of an ally you were going be to me and was sussed out by you early on, but when my back was against the wall you were in my corner and I really appreciate that! Really would love to become better friends with you!

Wyatt! We've never met before this but you're cool as hell! Hope to play again soon.

I asked you to join and I hated sitting next to you because I really wanted you to get payouts :( You know I love you lots and we go way back, would appreciate your vote <3\

Awwww you were so nice!!! It was so nice talking to you. You need to add me, because I know we can slay future games together. You so sweet n seem so loyal.
Wyatt, I trusted you prob more then anyone at the final 7, but then you called me sketchy and wouldnt tell me who was saying that i was making final 2s with everyone until you were on the block and needed my vote to stay. You are a great player and I had to evict you because I knew you didnt have my best intentions. I hope you can respect my game and give me your vote :)

WYATT I was ur only save! I'm sorry king LETS PLAY AGAIN PLEASE! :(

Wyatt you get why i did what i did. I like that you saw it was strategy . and not personnel because you are cool asf

Wyatt- OMG I love playing games with you. I am so glad we put water under the bridge and quickly aligned this game. We fucking dominated this shit and you def deserved a Final Four spot. Thank you so much for trusting me even after our shaky games, it truly shows how adaptable/easy going you are. You played amazing!

Wyatt, I am so glad we made it to f4 together and I would have loved to go further but obviously we couldn't win the pov. You were a great ally and won those crucial hohs for us. Great game and I really liked seeing you again. Good luck in crooks !! Adding u as a friend. :)

4th: Wyatt <3 such a loyal and fun ally I loved playing with u. U were a huge target at the beginning and I'm glad I could help to keep u in the game til the end, u played great and I'm so glad to have met u and call u a friend of mine on here!

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