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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is

Logging off. Probably won’t see me again.

“What hurts the most is to go from people you know to people you don’t”

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Poll record 6-2
1/1 final three poll
Won stars 784 🩵

Hunger wins

Highest rank 345
Broke top 700 7/5/23
Broke top 600 7/23/23
Broke top 500 10/27/23
Broke top 400 1/23/24
joined - 5/31/18
🐻‍❄white level -5/31/18
⚠️yellow level -6/13/18
🍊orange level -7/13/18
🚦light green level - 8/5/18
🍏dark green level - 9/4/18
🐋Blue level - 12/11/18
🔮Purple level - 1/3/19
🚨Red level - 1/29/19
🍂Brown level - 3/15/19
took a break - 4/1/19 - 1/25/20
♟️black level 4-4-20
Break 4-4-20 - 5-7-23
🥄silver level 5/13/23
🌟 gold level 6/27/23
🌃 sky level 7/15/23
🩸blood level 8/8/23
📺 ⭐️ level 10/5/23
🦸⭐️ level 02/04/24

I can’t move (ethan jewell)

I can't move
No, I'm serious, I can't move
I think my blankets are holding me down
Like they've got something to prove, a point to me
To show how weak I am
I know I have that essay to write
I need to turn off the light, and make what's wrong right
But I can't keep up the fight
Because these blankets have a mind of their own
They twist around my infinitely heavy body as I just lay on my phone
What am I supposed to do, push back?
Get on the attack
Oh, cut me some slack
It's just, it's been a long day
I'm tired, that's what I'll say
Y'know, tired from all the other laying in bed that I've been doing
Isn't it crazy how this alone is keeping me from pursuing my one passion
To try to fill what I'm lacking
I'm sorry but my mind is blanking
I wish I could talk to you but my soul is vacant
They say it often comes as a pit in your stomach
But I think it's more like a seed that plummets
And then it grows a tree, spreading this through my limbs
It starts in my chest, but then it spreads to my heart
It makes quick work of me, cutting me apart
Then it spreads to my shoulders
Tenses them up yet weighs them down like boulders
As I write this, it spreads down my arms to my fingers
I can feel the alarms, but it all still lingers
It gets harder to hold this pen up as it eats me up
I reach for the water in my cup
Maybe I'm just dehydrated, that's what I'll tell myself
Blame it outwardly, that should help
Because certainly I can't feel this, I can still smile
A broken clock, but yeah, I can still tick every once in a while
My laugh can still fill the air like a toxic chemical
Don't get too close or it might poison you, be careful
Because it must be her fault, or his fault, or their fault
But not mine, please read my mind
Because I can't speak
And I can't move

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24 Feb, 24
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18 Feb, 24
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16 Feb, 24

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