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Duh Bitch

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Babe Jun 20, 2024
You got the wrong person you have never sent me money and I have the PayPal records to prove so. Show the receipts you have boo. WhateverTheF

Also I was barely active on the Trishy site so what are you on about LMAO
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Also Jun 20, 2024
don't think I forgot about your stalker freak ass Yandereboy12 I know you are still trying to keep tabs on me. I have eyes everywhere remember that.
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Girl Jun 20, 2024
I think you need to go on some antipsychotics. Go blog what you have about me and I can easily bring up the past you have with that pedophile tracey and what you did with her back in the day. Your threats do not scare me so spill that tea sweetheart. You hold a frooks for 11 hours and 55 minutes has no effect on me. You are not the first and you will not be the last. WhateverTheF fucking freak.
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Who should I troll Jun 19, 2024
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ANYWAY Jun 19, 2024
I kinda don't care but as I have said and will say til this site shuts down. When I see you only feel the need to speak to me when you need my help in a game then I do not care to talk to you or be nice to you anymore. This person knows who they are and if you did not fit the criteria then it obviously had NOTHING to do with you! When I talk to someone and get ignored but they are quick to respond to other people it is TELLING and shows I was used to get some karma and then quickly disposed of. So now I am just being a cunt giggles.
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After todays events Jun 19, 2024
I have come to the conclusion to not fuck with two people.

Is it you?
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