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Hosting a music game!vote Jan 23, 2021
Hosting my first ever season of Music Mania!

I am looking for 12 people to start it all off! This game will have a different theme each round where you send in a song from any artist as long as it fits the theme!

Apply through this link! Apps will close in 3 days <3
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I love my good sis ashleybabyvote Jan 23, 2021
But he is 24 not 18 luv ♡

Oh wow 25 actually!
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Anywayvote Jan 23, 2021
who wants to play dead by daylight??
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sorry this was kinda funnyvote Jan 23, 2021
taken from the ilysuiteheart blog

"All of you know (because I probably hit on you lmao) that I went through a phase where I was overly sexual, flirting with everyone and everything that would give me attention and sending NSFW pictures, which is where the situation with Eilish comes into play."

I said the word hi and that was enough attention for you to send a video of you wiggling your ass to me? LMAOOOO
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Let us be honest vote Jan 23, 2021
i just sent this to bb5lover on skype and i ate it up.

Majority of the people hate me on this site for the following reasons

I slayed their ass in frooks a month ago

I flecha'd them out of hunger de gamo

I triple dog nommed them in stars

I shopping spree'd my way to the next week in shops over you

Apparently me beating people in games or calling the a fake bitch over a game is "disgusting" and is more vile than sending videos of you shaking your ass and shoving a dildo in your ass.
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But serious questionvote Jan 23, 2021
where did i claim to be the victim??? I posted the blog so that people were AWARE. I never once said "feel bad for me" "i was just taken such advantage of"

I posted it to show DISGUSTING behavior of someone.

Anyway i am glad i did not nominate in rookies goodbye LeXXXy
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