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Duh Bitch

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Hi :3vote Dec 3, 2023
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you deserved that win vote Dec 3, 2023
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I want to say something vote Dec 3, 2023
Because I just thought of it and I mean it’s controversial but I think it needs to be talked about more.

BLM is a sham???

Like I think the intentions and what it SHOULD stand for is amazing and black people SHOULD get a voice but I think that the people who run the BLM movement and the people who handle how the money they make is used are just extremely corrupt. If you even look up where the money BLM makes goes it does not go to black people who are struggling or charities that help the lives of our black society it goes to other places. I think they took this name and just used it for the fact that people will see Black Lives Matter and run with it because the name is something you should stand for.

I just wish the people who were at the head of this movement actually used what they got to better the black community instead of selfishly use it for themselves.
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When r u buying from my shopvote Dec 3, 2023
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Oh vote Dec 3, 2023
If you weren’t tryharding volleyball then what were you doing.
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Posted 8 Designs vote Dec 3, 2023
with previews!
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