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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is salmaan

- Diva1 x3 - done twice
- Gucci911 - done :)
- xoHannaHxo - done :)
- One Gift Giveaway!!!

My Games 902 games played

Day 5
16 Oct, 21
Day 11
16 Oct, 21
10 Oct, 21
10 Oct, 21
6 Oct, 21
6 Oct, 21
3 Oct, 21

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  1. Check mails bestievote
  2. Otaq is so good vote
  3. I kinda do see jasminas point thovote
  4. i want a
  5. If we ignore cherita she doesn’t existvote
  7. Why did I join this wack ass frat thovote
  8. I’m sad :,(vote
  9. I will buy for 460 ts!
  10. The way we argue about games
  11. Kaylabby is the definition of
  12. I have a couple mutual friends
  13. Joey65409 never has anything
  14. LMAO
  15. I just want to know
  16. Wait today is international
  17. Demi lavato rlly just
  18. Hey everyone
  19. i just give and give and give
  20. If this bitch don’t respond to my email

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  10. BigBrotherDonny said:
  11. joey65409 said: ..Sometimes you need to learn ..
  12. Maxi1234 said: ..@salmaan I don’t give a fuck, I’ll say whatever I want fatss :)..
  13. BigBrotherDonny said: ..Omg @lex13579 @ebt61 Hii <3 @Jenna2010 how are you? I forgot to play LOL @joey65409 so true @salmaan..

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