Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Diva1

My main goal is to make new friends and learn something new. These are my other goals:

Get nominated for eviction often (x)
Get evicted as many times as possible (x)
Say the "F" word as often as possible (x)
Lie every chance I get (x)
Have someone neg a blog I wrote (x)
Get 15th in a Fastings game (x)
Get 13th in a Rookies game (x)
Get 13th in a Frookies game (x)
Get 20th in a Survivor game (x)
Get 12th in The Duel (x)
Backstab a friend in a game (x)
Stalk players who intrigue me (x)
Be a blog whore (x)
Get banned (x)

I will be glad to friend you, just let me know!

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