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The Amazing Race

13 teams of 2 will be racing around Tengaged completing various tasks and doing crazy things in hopes of being the first team at the FINAL destination and winning the game. Each leg of the race, the last team to arrive at the pit stop will be eliminated. (unless it is a surprise non-elimination leg)

Here are some terms you will need to know before beginning the race.
~Route Info: This will be information regarding where your next clue is, no task involved.

~Road Block: This is a task that MUST be completed in order to receive your next clue. On the show, only 1 member of the team is allowed to compete. In this case, both may compete.

~Detour: A decision between 2 tasks, each with its own pros and cons. One of the tasks MUST be completed in order to receive your next clue. The decision on which task to take is yours. You are allowed to switch tasks if you have tried a task twice and still have not succeeded.

~Fast Forward: The first team to complete this special task is allowed to skip all other tasks in that leg, and go directly to the pitstop. However once a team has completed it, no other team can complete it.

~U-Turn: After completing a detour, there may be an option to U-Turn another team. This means the team U-Turned MUST complete BOTH parts of the detour. However, the team will be notified who has U-Turned them.

~Express Pass: The team that finishes the first leg of the race FIRST, wins the express pass. The express pass lets a team skip any task they want along the entire race, not just that particular leg.

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