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My Brain Went On Vacation Today So I am Going

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Happy Holidays Tengaged! Dec 17, 2018
imageI hope the holidays are happy for all of you this year. We made it through another year on Tengaged!! There were changes and new friends made this year. I haven’t played many games this year, but I always check in to see how everyone is doing.

I would lie and say this tree with all the gifts under it is my tree, but it is my friend’s tree and I thought it looked fabulous and wanted to share it with everyone.

I look forward to 2019 and I hope all of you do, too!
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Canadian Money Is The Best! Aug 25, 2017
imageI went to my bank yesterday to get some Canadian money for a trip next week to Victoria, British Columbia.

Canadian money is so colorful compared to American currency. The bank teller started smelling the money as she was counting it. I thought that maybe she thought the money was old or damaged. You can imagine my surprise when she told me their currency is scented to smell like maple syrup!

I am going to Victoria for a 5 day trip with my co-workers. Victoria looks beautiful in the pictures we saw of the city and I'm excited to see it!

Have a wonderful week Tengaged!
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Ben Blogs Left My Home Today... Mar 29, 2017
imageBen aka blogs came to visit me yesterday. He is on a road trip from Canada through the western United States. I have always loved him for his sense of humor and his wonderful personality.

He is from England and has been traveling all over the world for the past couple of years. He is living in Canada now. He would post the funniest blogs and then he always deleted them!

My sister lives with me and now she is in love with him just like I am. He was only able to stay over for one night because he has to be back to Canada by the end of this week.

I just wanted to share my visit with one of my most favorite people on this site.

Have a wonderful week Tengaged!
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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Feb 14, 2017
imageI hope everyone is enjoying Valentine's Day today. I went to see Fifty Shades Of Darker because it seemed like a good choice for today. It's basically a love story with a lot of sex scenes and some kinky stuff.

My local theater installed these new seats that were like recliners with tray tables that you could use to put food and drinks on. I had so much fun playing with the positions of that chair during the previews. My sister had to be a killjoy and tell me to stop.

I think I may have been the only person in that theater who hadn't read the book. I liked the movie and was proud of myself that I only giggled twice during it.

Have a wonderful week Tengaged!
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My Summertime Blog Aug 7, 2016
imageHey everyone! I hope all of you are having a fun summer! It's almost time for school to start again. I always liked playing games in the summer on Tengaged because there were more players online.

I haven't done anything exciting this summer. I've been busy at work and haven't had time to take a real vacation yet. I have been watching Big Brother. I'm not sure who I would like to see win this season yet.

I posted a picture on this blog of where I wish I was. Drawing pictures in the sand on a beach!

Have a great week Tengaged!!
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My Semi-Annual Blog For 2015 Dec 17, 2015
imageMy holiday wish for all of you is that the end of the year leaves you better off than when the year began. I hope making new friends on Tengaged enriched your lives in some way!

Looking back at this year I am amazed at how Tengaged has survived and is still a site we enjoy being on and checking in to see how our friends are doing.

I have to admit there is always something interesting going on at Tengaged. Reading the blogs always reveals new things about people too. I've seen some interesting designs from people trying to push that envelope to the max. Yes, I am referring to the naked guy design in case you are wondering what I'm talking about. I would have removed that one if I had the power to do it, even though I will admit it made me smile when I saw it.

My hope for the new year is for new moderators to be selected to help manage the site. I am sure that will happen eventually.

Happy Holidays everyone and I'm looking forward to 2016!!
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