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Hello, my name is Eric

~~Always forgive instead of trying to forget, life is better this way <3~~

~~Sometimes, you really don't know what you have until it's gone.~~

❤♡ ♡❤
Eric, u truly are one of a kind. Theres sooo many great things I could say about you. But I adore you.. I love how caring you are. You always try to put a smile on everyones face. And I admire that... I love talking to you.. Theres noone else id rather talk to all day <3 Pleaseeee NEVER change xoxo

My #1 since 26/03/2019😍😍


Eric it's so funny how quickly we became close! It started with me backstabbing u in a couple of frooks oops :X And then u gifted me. And then the FratFrat and we became amazing friends. You are literally the best! You are so funny, so kind to all of your friends, so nice and always there for me and you have THE BEST ACCENT hands down! I love how we have become so close and I think we will continue to become closer and closer. I know I can always rely on you like if I'm down or whatever or need a favour and vice versa. BFFS ALWAYS

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Eric it looks like we've known each other for so long and yet we know each other only recently .. You're so important to me that I can not imagine not having you as a friend right now. I hope to keep you in my life for a very long time and continue our calls on Skype. You are truly unique and that's what makes you so exceptional and so important for me. I love you!


I am not sure what made you log on to after all this time, but I am sooo glad you did. You are such a kind-hearted and genuine person. I am soo glad to have met you. Thank you for randomly messaging me that day and thank you for joining...even if your igloo was really cold that night. LOL I love you so much, stay amazing.... hehe. <3


you are seriously one of my favourite people, Everyday you make the time too see how my day is to compliment me in some way. you seriously make bad days better, you have shown your loyalty to me more times then one. You have proven to protect me against all evils and the words that these people use. im so glad you re a part of my life Eric i absolutely adore you.


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