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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Skye

First Stars~Stars 206.
2nd Place woo;D

Second Stars~Stars 216.
6th Place:)

Third Stars~ Stars 227
8th Place:)

Fourth Stars - Stars 313
2nd PLACE :D
Last unnommed!

6th: skye10 48.1% <3
KrisStory 51.9%

4th: skye10 46.0% <3
PurpleCows 54.0%

Final poll: Sexgoddx : 41.9%
skye10: 31.9% <3
austino15fffan: 26.2%

peak rank; 165th

color levels;
white level- 1st October 09.
yellow level - 5th February 10
orange - 25th March 10
light green - 1st April 10
dark green - 28th August 10
blue - 14th October 10
purple - 1st December 10
red - 18th January 11
brown - 23rd January 11
black - 5th February 11
silver - 22nd February 11
gold - 14th April 11
sky - 21st September 12
blood- 3rd April 13
tv star- 4th November 14

skye10-Let me start of by saying fit! okay now that that is out the way. You are a chill person who I believe makes signs for anyone as long as they ask, you always bring a friendly atmosphere to Tengaged whether it be your Good morning (yes I notice :D) blogs or Good night blogs. You have a beautiful singing voice aswell as a cracking sense of humour which is what everyone looks for in a person. I hear you are a fan of Corrie too which makes me like you more because lets face it who doesn't like a nice sit down and watching Jack P. Shepherd on there tele with a nice cuppa and some crumpets (because we're traditional English people). We don't talk as much as I would like but we had that stage were we talked for like a solid ten minutes and from that alone I can judge you as a pretty chill person. You are very good at games also and I was fully supporting you in Stars.-From Charlie.

Skye- I love you so much... you are one of the sweetest people on this site. I am so glad we are in the same frat and I love taking to you. I am glad we gotten to know each other and we need to become closer.:D Also, you are an amazing singer. - cfff

skye iflysm your such an amazing girl and like the nicest person ik your amazing at singing and your beautiful your like my best friend and i can always count on you. your flawless gurl, omg and your coming to visit me soon right bb? then we can have the best time ever ily boo :* -jdog

Skye you're the baddest bitch in Everlasting Glory (sorry to all the other girls), and you can sing, if you can make food we should get married ;). jkjk I mean I'd rather jackoff with sandpaper then be married to you... just kidding again I need to stop being mean.... nah. You and Rosie are so funny and you shouldn't change for anyone* (not including me if I want you to change then you should). #twerkteamassemble - RoughNightBro

Skye- Hi from California :D you're so nice and super amazing and I love your strong friendship with Rosie. You are super talented and a great person. I love talking about fit men with you two ^___^ I'm glad I got to meet you and hope that we stay friends :3
-Alex the YellowUnicorn

Skyeeee < 3 : you are amazing. Talking to you is so much fun and I feel like I can be myself around you. You don't ever judge people no matter what they do, and I respect and admire that a lot. I hope we become even better friends then we already are because you are one of the only people on this site to who I can just say whatever I'm thinking. You are a great singer also, ad you are very pretty. We are going to do the audio vlog soon ok Ty. Holy shit this is so sappy fml. Oh well it's worth it because ilysm :) don't change please! -Matt (Gigi10)

Hey Skye. You wanted a little paragraph to go on your page so here's one from me! We met back when Fortitude was a top frat and I was just added to the group chat. It was my first real frat and I was so nervous as I had never found a stable community on the site that cared about me as much as the frat did. Meeting you had to have been one of the highlights and we've been close friends ever since. I still remember all the crazy times we've had like that absurd audio blog with Jamie that was just hilarious beyond belief. You introduced me to Rosie who is a great person as well and you two are like J.A.M. but a twosome! You've been there for me far more than I can remember and I would hope to say I'm there for you too. I'm honestly so glad we are friends and I can't wait for all the crazy adventures we will have down the road =). - Jeff (aimers)

Skye, I just met you in the frat, and I think your really cool. You and rosie are a dynamic duo and provide loads of laughs. ILY so far

Skye when we entered Stars I didn't really knew you, you became one of my closest allies and I came to realize what an incredible and amazing person you are. I love you with all my heart and we should definitely talk more since I enjoy all the times I talked to you on call and such :) - Ivan< 3

Skye :) I'll keep this short and sweet. I love talking to you, you're really nice and funny. You're a great singer. You and Rosie know how to werk it. I know you like dicky-wa-wa too. Dont lie about it - HipposUnite xo

Your so amazing Skye :) You make me laugh every time we speak. Your like a big sister to me. We have a lot in common and I really want to know you better. You have so many amazing talents and features. I met you from a frookies and you appeared to be a real genuine person so we began to talk and we haven't stopped since. Your so awesome Skye AND YOUR A BRIT :))))))) - Simon!< 3 (Soxroks247)

I LOVE YOUR HAIR! And you are sooo pretty! Xoxoxo -MoooCoww

You are so Pretty :') , can i take you home please - Regularise,ahaaa:')< 3

skye i feel like we have a lot in common, we both are very sporty, both good looking and most importantly we both love corrie and we both can sing, jk i cant lol. You are very sweet and nice and glad we are friends :) and remember the key to everything is SYMPATHY- KBeastW < 3

To Skye
I've only just met you a few days ago, and already I know your a sweet, funny and kind person. You're definitely one of the sweetest people on tengaged I know. I really like you Skye we're alot alike, Twilight and Criminal Minds buddies? Lol and your around my age! And no one on here is around my age, plus your a high ranker too!
Loved meeting you, and really hope we can talk more <3 even though I don't like poms! And Australian accents! You're such an exciting and sweet girl, and I also heard you could sing? Hope I can hear you sometime xxx
From Laughalot aka Jess :)

skye10 You are an amazing friend skye. you always repply to me when we talk lol. You too are one of the nicest people are tengaged. I dont remember how we actually met but im glad we did xoxo You have an amazing voice and i love you :* ~cocacola__96

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