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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is TiffTiff

- Top Fashionista Feb 2, 2019 -
- Top Fashionista April 4,2019 -

Your hot as fuckkk, Your purple streaks
are hot af. And sooo many girls are jealous
of you for that very reason.. But for real the people
who misjudge you simply don't know what
a positive, good-hearted lass you are.
You're fun, loyal, and the only thing you
should be judged harshly for is your love of country
music. Keep bein' you and thanks for not listening
to jealous fellas when they freak out
about you talking to me
-Dru ❤♡

I've honestly underestimated you a lot.
You are SUCH A SWEET human being.
I feel like if people are good to you, you
will return it 3x better to them. You are
fun in general and you are SPONTANEOUS
which is what i adore in people. Had so
many good convos with you that i wouldnt
replace for 40 additional worthless merges
so glad i met you

Tysm for listening to me. One day,
we will reach finals together I'm sure.
But for now, I must ensure my friends
get there at all costs, you included.

Is this happening to anyone else? I keep
googling ‘fucking queen’ and pics of
tiffanox3 pop up

Tiffany, in the short time I have known you,
you have been nothing but kind. You are truly
a sweetheart and I cannot wait to get to know
you more deeply :)

you're so loyal and genuine and crazy as fuckk
just like me. You're always there to support me,
whether it be with veto in frookies or something
irl. 😂 We've never once flirted, which is crazy bc
we're both tengaged sluts...but I wouldnt have it
any other way. ilysm, NEVER CHANGE. I'll miss you in
vivor and when I'm eventually out of this tribe we'll
join together and be crazy as fuck and have our
daily meltdowns <3 ily BITCH

I think you get a lot of undeserved hate on this
site and I don't really understand why. You're
super loyal to those you stand by and that's
such a positive and underrated trait. Whenever
we try working together in games it never works
in our favor and it's sad AF . Keep slaying the
masses tiff and don't stress about the haters

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