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Hello, my name is the witch that will never die.
i'm the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet, but do not fuck with me.
highest merge streak: 18
current merge streak: 2
Nolan is the love of my life.
馃挏mysterygame2 12-31-19 - forever馃挏

~in cahoots with princevans~
馃挋classicaz5 11/15/18 - BFF馃挋

BrittBritt 0 min ago

Aug 6, 2019 by paul028
lexeyjane could push me down the stairs, throw me off a cliff, punch me in the face and id still say thank you :3

annoying taylor swift obsessed gold level
Jun 13, 2019 by abrogated

Fun fact:
DaddyDev, Jun 15, 2019
lexeyjane literally just won pink box 40 drunk

tyler swift 11:13 PM
LEX ur rlly my best like what did i do to deserve.

lexeyjane You are the JENNA from the challenge of tengaged! PRETTY <3 KIND <3 FUNNY <3 and I love ur sense of humour and u as a person! I know ppl's go to insult to u is you have no personality but ppl who say that r retarded coz they dont know u. Ur amazing <3

RoseMaria 7 min ago
you can buy a shop lexey but too bad you cant buy a personality

Thirteen 0 min ago
Lexeyjane carving the number 13 in my body. It is Taylor Swift's favorite number I have been told.

you are a sex goddess that could destroy men that is fighting the patriarchy sister! xXx
Sent by LeQueenOfFierce,Sep 2, 2019

lexeyjane you鈥檙e too good for this dumb site. we should show you more appreciation.
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 7, 2019

LexeyJane invented love.
Sent by zachbbs,Sep 15, 2019

Your lack of punctuation there was such a turn on lexeyjane no troll
Sent by Scononduders,Sep 28, 2019

You鈥檙e my my my my Lexxxxxxxeeeeyyyyyyyy
Sent by Scononduders,Sep 28, 2019

Omg you think you can have every man on this site just because you have a sun-kissed glow to your skin and your hair looks like freaking golden rays of sunshine?!
Sent by Kindred7,Sep 23, 2019

FighterMan, Sep 29, 2019
lexeyjane really has become a legend in just a few months.

gabrieltrezza 1 min ago
God is a woman!
her name is lexeyjane

You鈥檙e rather peculiar
Sent by Chic,Oct 27, 2019

I just want you to know that
Nov 9, 2019 by DaddyDev
I would take a bullet straight through my brain for you. lexeyjane

Delete2544 8 min ago
my first ever tengaged meetup was when I went to a canadian stripclub and recognized lexeyjane on the pole

She is at 1 hour...
Dec 30, 2019 by boicam77
Did lexeyjane finally OD?

I dont know about find me..
Dec 31, 2019 by mysterygame2
But I'm glad I found you.

from Thirteen 35 min ago
I thought of you today. I was in the car with someone and Taylor Swift played on the radio twice.

woah 8 min ago
Lexey just needs to leave her man for me so we can raise animals in the Canadian highlands

top20fan33, Jan 14, 2020
thought I killed the witch

I bet if lexey
Jan 14, 2020 by danyyboy67
had a dick these bitches couldnt get it hard lexeyjane

My Final Two In Life
Jan 14, 2020 by mysterygame2

lexeyjane can be scary
Jan 18, 2020 by Thirteen
You never know what is going on in her mind or what she is planning. She will surprise you with the gifts of evil when you least expect it.

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