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mao you can stfu because thats his vivor mergestreak, you're so fucking sad and obsessed lol get a hobby fat
Sent by MoneyNeil,Nov 5, 2017

Daily Reminder to Tengaged user, Batya , bitch you are ugly. Your mother is ugly and the only reason you are acting out because she nor anyone else loves you. Keep your sick weird racist comments to yourself because no one wants to hear them except danger when the two of you are fucking.

I do not respect you. You are just like Halloween , an ungrateful morbidly obese son of a cum guzzling behind the dumpster anal taking BITCH. Get depression and go cut hoe.

Your avatar looks a mess 馃拃馃拃
Stop being racist.
You鈥檙e a Republican troll, so stop it.

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  1. herro I am Ashwey Kwelsey vote
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  5. rooting for the Patriots is like rooting for
  6. imagine hating black people that much vote
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  9. I am ready vote
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  15. A Tranny won BBUK
  16. Does anyone else
  17. is TARCAN good
  18. I killed Jon Benet Ramsey
  19. real girls
  20. tell me what you want from shops faggot

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