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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is the best frooks player on the site

received my daily neg from the obsessed f——— Memphis_Grizzlies
Sent by Minie,Dec 31, 2020

get the wheelchair out mommy redacted son is coming home a loser.
Sent by obey_me,Jan 10, 2021

batya when are you coming home the girls want their dad to tuck them in
Sent by KingGeek,Mar 27, 2021

Batya - Weird as fuck how you changed your attitude towards me over this game. You are an unethical player.

I’ll be voting bitterly in any and all f2s you go into as well queen. <3 see you around hell

Pavaneli 0 min ago
Plssss batya needs to go hes tired

Ryon246 0 min ago
You avoided 13th Batya

I tried to blog but it didn't work. Is there any evidence/proof that I am who people are accusing me of being? "Following my behavior" as Brandonpinzu commented on PrincessTeepee is not enough.
This is my first account and I have NEVER had innapropriate conduct with minors.

Jun 2, 2023 by Minie
Are we gonna post gay designs for a whole month like that’s not what we’ve been doing the rest of the year 🥱

Wait this must be ironic cause batya is on it
Sent by motherbird,Jul 24, 2023

batya 2 i do not like you at all


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