Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Shadyass bitch pops Loretta

*getting married to a sweetheart milkisgood :***

Re: Hey stranger!!

I figured i wasnโ€™t good enough for you :/ but yeah i was like crazy into you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Re: Hey stranger!!

Because youโ€™re like drop dead gorgeous and the person everybody loves lol

Danny12 1 min ago
lauren youre too nice we all just want you to make payouts and be our friend

โ˜…โ™ฅWinner of Stars 279โ™ฅโ˜…

โ˜…โ™ฅ2nd in Stars 295โ˜…โ™ฅ

โ˜…โ™ฅWinner of Stars 443โ˜…โ™ฅ

โ˜…โ™ฅWinner of Thgs โ˜…โ™ฅ

Sam_Hamwich 0 min ago
jk lauren is the center of the universe obvi

Sam_Hamwich 5 hours 35 min ago
thats why we have crooks now duhhhh that way i dont miss any lauren time between now and the next casting

Jake, 3:14 PM

Jake, 3:14 PM
If you get swapped away from me I will kill myself

Jake, 3:18 PM
Honestly the only reason Lauren has so much karma is because she gets carried in games

evergreen 45 min ago
it makes sense like how could u ever feel like shit with that look lauren flawlesss <3

0/100 merges

[12/24/17, 2:32:13 AM] Sam // s73100: Lauren I tried typing a message to send you today, but there are just no words to simply describe how incredible you are... you're my person, my best friend, the one I can talk to about anything, the one I know is always there or me more than anyone else. You're an incredible, strong, amazing woman. And I love you to death. Thx for being there for me, good and bad. Love you forever <3

Thumper91 - astone929 this is already a thing, no??

[12/17/17, 9:19:50 PM] Sam // s73100: Lauren's voice is so tender
[12/17/17, 9:19:55 PM] Sam // s73100: like it just soothes you listening to it

[8/15/17, 8:49:34 PM] Eric Da Silva: :O Perfect ! (inlove)
[8/15/17, 8:49:57 PM] Lauren :)<3: perfect? :P
[8/15/17, 8:50:09 PM] Eric Da Silva: Yeah you are! <3
[8/15/17, 8:50:16 PM] Eric Da Silva: Mrs. Da Silva !
[8/15/17, 8:50:24 PM] Eric Da Silva: hehe (giggle)

[9/23/17, 10:43:58 PM] Crayadian: RIGHT !!! fuck yes lauren but for some reason i want to have an odd number of children so im thinking its gunna have to be 13
[9/23/17, 10:44:09 PM] Crayadian: do you have solid birthing hips?
[9/23/17, 10:44:17 PM] Crayadian: this is going to be a lot on your body hun
[9/23/17, 10:44:31 PM] Crayadian: but youโ€™re a tough cookie i know you can handle it
[9/23/17, 10:44:49 PM] Crayadian: just be prepared to be birthing 11 pound babies every 9 months

[7/26/17, 6:04:27 PM] Greg (spike): Can we just get married already?
[7/26/17, 6:04:55 PM] Lauren :)<3: Omg yassss I thought you'd never ask

[8/5/17, 1:32:18 PM] Greg (spike): Well babe you keep me sane and you are such a huge part going on in my life right now
You make me so happy and whenever we are talking I can't stop myself from smiling <3
You really are one of a kind and I can't wait to be able to see you and wrap you up into my arms
I love you Lauren and that will never change <3
[8/5/17, 1:32:55 PM] Greg (spike): Oof I could have kept going but then I realized I was just ranting about how much I love you

Sam_Hamwich 5 hours 5 min ago
survivor? we're waiting til i get back from vacation
Thumper91 5 hours 4 min ago
+2 pointss73100 5 hours 4 min ago
no the OTHER Thing official
+2 pointsSam_Hamwich 5 hours 5 min ago
too late i did it
+2 pointss73100 5 hours 5 min ago
no u nerd
+2 pointsSam_Hamwich 5 hours 5 min ago
alright lauren you heard him
let's OFFICIALLY join crookies
+2 pointss73100 5 hours 5 min ago
ugh can u 2 just make it official already YUCK

[7/3/17, 1:30:23 PM] AJ (Astone): Omg same. We should meet up and watch fireworks light up the sky
[7/3/17, 1:30:37 PM] AJ (Astone): Actual fireworks and fireworks when our bodies touch
[7/3/17, 1:36:26 PM] Lauren :)<3: LMFAOOOOOOOOOO
[7/3/17, 1:39:34 PM] AJ (Astone): I never realized I was so funny until i started talking to you

[9/5/17, 7:48:39 AM] Garrie: LAUREN IS NOT A BULLY
[9/5/17, 7:48:43 AM] Garrie: WE DONT DESERVE LAUREN
[9/5/17, 7:48:47 AM] Garrie: WE DONT DESERVE HER WORTHINESS
[9/5/17, 7:48:50 AM] Lauren :)<3: LMFAO DEAD

Lauren, Omg you legit make me tear up, every time we talk together, I just feel so at ease. You make every day 150x better in multiple ways. I legit didn't even know I was living till I met you. You make my days so much fun, between the time we talk together and plays games together and legit the perfect dynamic duo <3 I love you to pieces ~~~~~ Eric <3 :* Yours Truly

[6/29/17, 1:09:04 AM] Eliยฉ: I was broken but big thumps fixed me

[6/30/17, 12:03:46 AM] DrewJ Neutron: Lauren
[6/30/17, 12:03:49 AM] DrewJ Neutron: Ily marry me

[7/1/17, 1:31:41 AM] Chris Spicoli: I can't believe sometimes I'm friends w my role model from tg

austin- gifted


sw33t 2 hours 24 min ago
Thumper! Because so many actual girls on tengaged have some God-Complex and are complete asshats, I was really apprehensive with you when the game started, but I grew to adore you instantly. You have such a good heart and I really appreciated your genuine conversations, especially even after the game was over. I'm elated to maintain a relationship with you. I'm in awe of your ability to carry yourself so well and you deserve everything great you get in life!

[7/14/17, 11:26:00 PM] รˆvan: Yo
[7/14/17, 11:26:06 PM] รˆvan: I'm pretty wine drunk but like
[7/14/17, 11:26:23 PM] รˆvan: Say what you want about tg and how this isn't real life and stuff like that
[7/14/17, 11:26:25 PM] รˆvan: But like
[7/14/17, 11:26:32 PM] รˆvan: You are SUCH a good fucking person???
[7/14/17, 11:26:42 PM] รˆvan: Like you are the actual sweetest person on this site???
[7/14/17, 11:26:58 PM] รˆvan: You have this crazy ability to make EVERYONE feel special
[7/14/17, 11:27:06 PM] รˆvan: You should use that in Stars more often
[7/14/17, 11:27:33 PM] รˆvan: Like if you literally just talk to rveryone you could be so good at Stars lol
[7/14/17, 11:27:39 PM] รˆvan: Like
[7/14/17, 11:27:48 PM] รˆvan: Literally the day after you PUT ME UP
[7/14/17, 11:27:55 PM] รˆvan: I felt like you were my f2 or something
[7/14/17, 11:28:08 PM] รˆvan: So like from a strategic standpoint
[7/14/17, 11:28:43 PM] รˆvan: You could be a CRAZY good gameplayer in Stars if you just talked to everyone
[7/14/17, 11:28:54 PM] รˆvan: And just made everyone feel special idk??

ClassiCaz5 2 hours 2 min ago
Guys that are stalking this Lauren is literally the most nicest person ON THIS SITE you will ever meet and she is for sure someone I will never forget outside this box screen

[6/28/17, 7:14:17 PM] Primrose Everdev: idk
[6/28/17, 7:14:18 PM] Primrose Everdev: Dx
[6/28/17, 7:14:28 PM] Primrose Everdev: Embezzlementlb
[6/28/17, 7:14:40 PM] Primrose Everdev: My finger did that

astone929 0 min ago
Rain drop
Drop top
Lauren is my bff
And I want to be in her #1 friend spot


Brandt is my son โคโคโคโค

[5/26/17, 10:47:10 AM] Lauren :)<3: LMFAO
[5/26/17, 10:47:43 AM] Robin (AltruisticAfro): I didnโ€™t know skype was x rated. Showing an emoji with a pussy and a cock (hungrycat)


Tbh i dont even know where to begin lauren, met you this hunger game by attacking you without knowing lol, but in a way im happy i attacked you, thats the point where we started talking and all, you have been the kindest person ive ever met you are always in a good mood, you love to help everyone and i love that about you, everything about you is perfect. After our first call, i knew i would have a crush on you, and im starting to like you more and more every minute, im really looking forward to getting to know you more, i love you baby girl โ™ฅ๏ธ ~Cocacola__96 (July 7th, 2017) <3

omg the famous thumper91 mailed me

May 26, 2017 12:32:10
just a yearly reminder that in all reality i think ur one of the nicest humans on this site and it's always nice to see you sticking around :)

[6/23/17, 8:58:21 AM] Lauren :)<3: :]
[6/23/17, 8:58:38 AM] Anthony McFarlane: ugh you're literally so great more people need to be like you

astone929 2 min ago
I love you lauren!

Kyle Is bae
Kyle/ Hawiianbruh < 3

thumper91 im about to put my dictin something real soon
Sent by shawnpat7,Feb 16, 2016

[2/19/16, 11:40:16 PM] Utsumi: fair warning
[2/19/16, 11:40:32 PM] Utsumi: her nipples are like silver dollar pancakes that became burnt
[2/19/16, 11:41:39 PM] Aโ˜ Spikeโ„ข: lauren has silver nipplass?
[2/19/16, 11:41:43 PM] Aโ˜ Spikeโ„ข: why am I not surprised?
[2/19/16, 11:41:58 PM] Lauren :)<3: LOOOOLโ€™
[2/19/16, 11:42:05 PM] Utsumi: itโ€™s like, huge radius and very dark


โ™ฅOctober 21st, 2014 โ™ฅ

#thumpcity 4ever < 3

sosyomomma 4 min ago

Re: hey bff
Because you evicted me from like survivor 5 times, evicted me in frookies/ nommed me in frookies like 400 times and shot me out of hunger at least 2 times .
>i remember when you hated me ;)
>>In a joking way laur
>>>LOL im nice and youre mean to me most the time :(

King_Leaf215 8 hours 9 min ago
Lauren I seriously need to frook besides you its the only reason I cum back

Re: How's the boyfriend
But if u like have triplets u will have an alliance four?
>LOOOL of course :o i dont want babies
>>Using protection lauren?

Rant time!
Mar 19, 2015 by cfff
hello tengaged! It is the one and only Cletters! I am writing this blog because we NEED to stop the bullying on this website! I am pretty sure you guys know who I am talking about! thumper91 has been bullying myself, lemjam6 , andalarew_2231 , turney1805 and any other uses on this webiste! We can NOT let her take over this website! So join me in the fight against bullying and the takeover of thumper91


[2/15/16, 8:09:52 AM] JayElVeeIsBack: Tony will never turn down a nip
[2/15/16, 8:10:02 AM] Utsumi: except for jays
[2/15/16, 8:10:08 AM] Utsumi: it looks like itโ€™s winking at me :(
[2/15/16, 8:10:09 AM] JayElVeeIsBack: ask his dad that time he held him without a shirt on when he was a toddler
[2/15/16, 8:10:23 AM] Lauren :)<3: LOOOOL
[2/15/16, 8:10:30 AM] Utsumi: Jay, I wouldnโ€™t say 22 is a toddler
[2/15/16, 8:10:42 AM] Lauren :)<3: you guys are killing me LOOOL

#panda13 is my twin, my bff and my everything < 3

sosyomomma 42 min ago
Lauren~You are my rock on here, You keep me sane in the tough moments and are so kinda and caring, I love that we're close and a true friend no matter what. Ily and if any positives come out this is that we can twin <3 ily and im beyond thankful that you helped me so much in my first stars <3333

cuteeeee! :)
Sent by Tommeh208,Feb 19, 2015

From Carlisle
Re: No title
Dec 28, 2014 17:54:15
to Thumper91
yes :3
>>>From curlychickens
>>>Re: Also
>>>Dec 28, 2014 17:46:15
>>>to Thumper91
>>>Are you dating Carlise? C;

#thumpisle < 3
#thumpken < 3
#thumpff < 3

#baza76 was killed in a fight with Thumper91

[6/16/17, 11:33:29 PM] Lauren :)<3: I WANNNA HEAR YOU DRUNK
[6/16/17, 11:34:32 PM] DrewJ Neutron: YOU CAN CUZ ITS WEIRD
[6/16/17, 11:34:37 PM] DrewJ Neutron: CANT
[6/16/17, 11:34:42 PM] Lauren :)<3: LMFAO HOW
[6/16/17, 11:34:44 PM] DrewJ Neutron: OMG THE TURD FELL OUT ME ASS
[6/16/17, 11:34:46 PM] Lauren :)<3: WERE BESTIES :(
[6/16/17, 11:34:48 PM] DrewJ Neutron: IM DYING
[6/16/17, 11:34:51 PM] Lauren :)<3: WE ARE CLOSEDR THAN THIS
[6/16/17, 11:34:56 PM] Lauren :)<3: lmfaoooooooo

From #Johneh
Re: jsyk
Sep 13, 2014 14:50:53
to Thumper91
you learnt from the best (me)
>:O wow leaving me? bitch
>and im as trashy as they come ;)
>>i'm moving country/starting uni/quitting tengaged
>>so ily and i'll speak to you soon, stay trashy you hoe <3

stoopkid95 3 min ago
Lauren < 3 ihy and honestly I WILL give you 30th one day and make sure that nothing will stop me. idk what i would do because anyone would be unlucky to have u as a f2 and i can be proud to say im not one of those < 3 i hate that after this we are still amazing friends and please leave me < 3

#SuperCam 2 min ago
you will always be my bae no matter how frustrating my life gets and how little I talk to you you are beautiful and extremely nice!!! I love you YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION :D

#bamold1999 8 hours 12 min ago
Ily Lauren grats on ur first win slut bag

You bring the whip cream and I'll bring the salad thumper91 < 333
Sent by SexyTex,Sep 13, 2014

*i spam for gifts sometimes or i like to give the gifts i earn away depending on how i feel, so feel free to ask me to spam*

From Carlisle
Re: =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
Sep 13, 2014 06:51:14
to Thumper91
LOL I could never get bored of you <3 you're hilarious in a good way you always make me smile aw I'm getting sentimental ;) xxx

Laurens new theme song
Aug 25, 2014 by baza76
Lauren is a nerd
Lauren is a nerd
She likes to eat turds
She likes to eat turds
She smells like poo
and likes it too!
Lauren is a nerd

Credits go to me for lyrics, back up dancers & tune.

#Carlisle 1 hour 44 min ago
Glad we didn't get nommed together ily Lauren my wife forever :D Can't wait till I come visit you next month ;-)

#JayElVeeIsBack 2 min ago
Daddy says Goodnight Lauren


[11:27:34 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: on another topic
[11:27:37 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: i rlly need to fart
[11:27:44 PM] Lauren < 3 Robert & Macken: same
[11:27:57 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: shall we fart together?
[11:28:12 PM] Lauren < 3 Robert & Macken: sure ;)
[11:28:18 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: ok
[11:28:21 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: i can the count of 3
[11:28:42 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: 1
[11:28:42 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: 2
[11:28:43 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: 3
[11:28:46 PM] Bailey < 3's Marcus/Jdog: toot
[11:29:04 PM] Lauren < 3 Robert & Macken: LMFAOO TOOT

4th - My tributes have been so long, should I make you the longest one? I will. I will kiss your ass until I have that vote. Lauren queen of all queens! (fuck you Elizabeth). My darling, my best friend, my everything (jk it's macken but whateves)! I sheeped you this game and I did everything you wanted. I know how much you love me, so don't make this love stop and give me this fabulush win. I mean all I did was float the whole game and I did ALL the work. You need to hand it to me. I did pretty amazing. All seriousness if you don't vote for me I will really be sad =[ but I'll always love you I guess ;) Bye bestie x Stay fresh and drink water because your thirsty xo #instagram

Happy Birthday < 3333333333333
Oct 22, 2014 by baza76
To one of my best friends Thumper91

Even though i'm not the best friend to be around you know how much i love you (yes even at the times when i say i hate you) I'm glad we are as close as we are cause I absolutely adore you to death & you're flawless. This is probably the only ever time I will write a nice blog about you so i suggest you put it on your profile or screenshot it or something. I trust you with my life & I love going on calls with you cause you do make me smile & laugh (then cry when i hear you laugh). Have the best day ever because you deserve it so much and I hope you get spoilt rotten.

I love you to the moon & back Lauren< 3333333333333333333333

From Tengaged_Moderation
No title
Oct 21, 2014 23:13:45
to Thumper91
Happy birthday beautiful young lady.
Stay classy. Everybody on here can learn a lot from you on how to be nice to people.

Wishing you a great day and hope all your wishes come true


Ill be honest
I did end up voting you and I'm really sorry. It was a last minute decision and I regret it because I may have lost a really good friend in you. I'm telling you this because I really do respect you as a person and love you like a friend and deserve to know. If you dont want to talk to me anymore and hate me ill understand I fucked up ill have to live with it. You're truly an amazing friend and im an asshole for betraying you im so sorry. I really do hope we will still be friends and if there is anyway at all I can make it up to you let me know please i love you =[

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