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Level 13 Alliance

Loyal Kings and Queens that are dominating Tengay, one game at a time!

Chris - Tyler
Guigi - Angela
Wes - Kaycee
James - Winston
Jason - Brett
Jadine - Rachel
Gabriel - JC
Max - Kaitlyn
Lauren - Rockstar
Montana - Bayleigh
Winner - Sam
Mox - Hayleigh
Josh - Julie Chen

Level 13 Award Season is HERE!

Most Likely to Post Thirsttraps on the Gram: Christossss
Best Minority Member: Koolness234
Most Loyal: Christossss
Biggest Bottom Slut: Emzthorne
Most Likely to Contact the Cops on you: Koolness234
Funniest: Koolness234
Best Gameplay Overall: Bluejay7622 and Christossss
Biggest Power Player: Koolness234 and Christossss
Best Hunger Player: Bluejay7622
Best Frooks Player: Christossss
Not the Smartest Person Ever, but looks cute trying: gabrieltrezza
Most Intelligent: Koolness234
Most Likely to Swap their vote at the last minute fucking you over in Survivor: christossss
Most Likely to become a Trophy Wife/Gay: Emzthorne
Most Likely to Become an Alcoholic: christossss
Best Couple: Max and his dads cock/ Bluejay7622 and Gabrieltrezza
Biggest Boobies: Sawchuk55
Most Likely to send Nudies on Snapchat: Emzthorne
Biggest Cock: Winner132
Dom Top: Bluejay7622
Most Fashionable Avi: Moxii and Emzthorne
Best Stars Winner: Christossss and Koolness234
Most Attractive: Guigi and Bluejay7622

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Level 13 Alliance

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