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Hello, my name is :Thirteen 14 min ago They can shut down Tengaged but can never shut down woeisme.

Winner of Stars 515 I did it all for Chance. Thanks again 40.7%!

Would I rather be feared or loved? Umm...easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.

-Michael Scott

My Peak Rank: 202

*Group Game Winner of Ultimate Stars 11*

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Tryphena 1 hour 41 min ago and we should be nice to Woe

woeisme- come at me mother fucker I'm a light green who did this shit and you said I can't play stars suck it bitch this is all the truth- twostep

joey96 I'm gay and if I wasn't I don't want your sour pussy and woeisme fuck youuu -twostep

moneymeyer4 3 min ago

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SneakyPete 6 hours 44 min ago Are turtles really good pets?
I mean, they don't really love ya back, do they

4th- woe- you played great and you are one of the smarter players i have played with on this site but once you took that shot and won f5 hoh i had to take ashley so good game and cant wait to play again
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