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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

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  1. vaultg1rl said: ..@woeisme i have watched up to 13 so far and i’m also watching new new season every week have no seen season 14-40..
  2. cantevendougie said: ..Thank u @woeisme..
  3. vaultg1rl said: ..@woeisme honestly might just do that..
  4. vaultg1rl said: ..@woeisme i 100% get that online friends are better cause you dont have to leave your house lol. I like working the weekends too ..
  5. vaultg1rl said: ..@woeisme im super excited tbh even tho i was voted first it was fun..
  6. systrix said: ..I just wanna flex my fav person in this site..
  7. captainzacsparrow said: ..@woeisme LMAO I have a few I can rotate through and that's enough for me ..
  8. vaultg1rl said: ..@woeisme i hope you have an amazing day yourself! xx..
  9. vaultg1rl said: ..@woeisme i would say tuesday and wednesday are my ''weekend'' and i honestly do not mind it because the stores and stuff are..
  10. cantevendougie said: i commented too come on @woeisme :P ;) <3 ..
  11. cheritaisdelicious said: ..A hot bald man tricked me..
  12. cheritaisdelicious said: ..@woeisme wow someone is choosing VIOLENCE ..
  13. cheritaisdelicious said: ..@woeisme because he just blogged he was 50 in gay years!..
  14. cheritaisdelicious said: ..@woeisme wow if you followed my vegas red rankings like a REAL Cherita fan you'd know I ONLY HAVE 32..
  15. Tryphena said: ..@woeisme can you please? morning noon and night..
  16. Kiara_xoxo said: ..Lmaooo it worked @woeisme..
  17. CarolinaSteele said: ..@woeisme oh I wouldn’t doubt that ?..
  18. Thumper91 said: ..Pyn for an opinion ..

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