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Fraternity Deadheads

We used to be Grateful Dead fans but it’s really only 2 fans and just regular dudes now.

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  1. lukesurvivesstar me in fellas
  2. spikedcurleyRight? Swear
  3. BlahblahblahblahY’all really missing out in the best frat of all time.

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Thank you ❤

1 spikedcurley, Apr 20, 2021

To whoever my secret admirer was that gifted me this beautiful background on MaryJanes birthday


My job

3 spikedcurley, Apr 20, 2021

Totally gave me 420 off on purpose and i love them so much for that 💚💜💙💛
What a great day


This woman

2 ManniBoi, Apr 20, 2021

Has constantly put me down and bullied me every chance she gets for 10 years now and i am taking a stance skyler1822 my momma will be calling your momma after supper


Can someone fill me in

2 rowjone, Apr 20, 2021

on who is now bad

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