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Roshy 0 min ago
spikedcurley - one of my favourite and most down to earth humans on this site

⑮ spikedcurley : We first bonded on the fact that we both love weed ✿ ❀, you gotta have respect for a fellow stoner haha ! We don't speak much in games, but as far I as I am concern you are cool and you always keep it real, I respect you a lot for that. I hope we get to know each other better and maybe develop a friendship, because I don't think we really have each other's back that much in games and I can't blame you because we don't speak. I know for a fact you are a loyal friend, I just hope one day I can be one of those friend of yours. Keep your head high (no pun intended) and wear your crown proudly because you are a king. ✿♕ ♚ ♛

idk what happens more
you saying "bub" or the amount of times I wish I was you
Sent by maturo

We've played castings a few times and you seem very nice :) We should talk more tbh
Sent by GoodKaren

JSBReality- Bub Youre so Nice you should be gifted for your acts of kindness (and you got me saying bub)

You are great person and your personality is lovable bub :) <3
Sent by Maddog16

Smoke, smoke, smoke weed
Smoke weed

Damn son, where'd you find this?

Smoke, smoke weed. Smo-smo-smoke weed everyday

Smo-smo-smoke weed. Smo-smo-smoke weed. Smo-smo-smoke weed everyday!

Smoke, smoke weed everyday. Smoke, smoke weed everyday. Smoke, smoke weed everyday. Smo-smo-smoke weed everyday!

Best song lyrics, and they describe you, bub ^_^
Sent by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

IDK what happens more, you saying "bub", or you realizing that you need a new drummer *cough, cough*
Sent by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge

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