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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is I’m Not Quirky, I’m Autistic, Bitch ™

This is now an Olivia Rodrigo stan account

FromAWindow was killed in a fight with Ace99

FromAWindow was shot dead by burgta01

✨Eat A Bag of Dicks✨

I’ll plus any spam!

I would like to thank the judges for their expert opinions.

This is a tough decision, but after consulting my conscience, my pussy, and Jesus, i have decided that J4ckWilko, it's your time to go sweetheart :(

Thank you and goodnight x

✨I’ve won a hunger!✨

Hunger Win:

My Games 637 games played

Day 5
14 Oct, 21
Day 5
11 Oct, 21
11 Oct, 21
10 Oct, 21
6 Oct, 21
6 Oct, 21
4 Oct, 21

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  1. What’s the best music video ever?vote
  2. Can fieutskivote
  3. Support Jayson in stars ❤️vote
  4. How can anyone hate this survivor season
  5. I think the best compliment
  6. Anyone else just always exhausted?
  7. I’m so sick of hot people
  8. Not someone spamming in stars
  9. Sweetener is so underrated
  10. What’s this trend of
  11. Wish you’d chew on me
  12. Anyone else
  13. We’re gonna be alright
  14. Can someone tell me
  15. Join vivor?
  16. This feels like noelles week
  17. How anyone dates a regular smoker
  18. My kpg is only okay
  19. Just finished squid game
  20. I’d say join hunger

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