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The Ultimate Star

Who will be the Ultimate Star? Welcome to the group for the game "The Ultimate Star!" This game is centered around the usual format of Stars, however the only difference is, players will only be able to vote for one player instead of locking in a set entirely!

Here is the format for how the game works for those who want to know:
- Each person can only nominate one individual

- Each voting ceremony is 24 hours

- The two individuals with the most votes will be nominated for Public Eviction.

- IF YOU DO NOT VOTE YOU WILL BECOME A NOMINEE FOR EVICTION! If you miss the vote TWICE, you will be removed from the game.

[ -> ] In the case of a tie for nominations, anyone in the tie will be nominated and the individual with the highest percentage is evicted. In the case of tied poll percentages, anyone tied in poll percentages will be put in and one will be evicted.

- After the 24 hours for the voting ceremony is up, the nominees will be revealed. The Public has 24 hours to vote in the poll that will be linked to them.

- Anyone can campaign in any way that they wish. I can not control what people do and how things are taken care of in each individuals perspective.

- This game, to be frank, is expected to be an all-out brawl given how we have big personalities on this website. With that said, what you say, do or otherwise falls solely on you.

Avoid being nominated, survive eviction polls if you are nominated and adapt, maneuver and claw your way to the top to become The Ultimate Star!

100$ Prize on the line!

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The Ultimate Star

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