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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is not important

People don’t like me on this site over things that have happened in the past. Everyone stays SO focused on my past, my issues and my life, but can't even take the chance to actually see how much I've grown. It's a different year, a different day and another opportunity to prove to myself how much I've changed. No one will define or try to dictate who or what I am in this world we live in. I do my best to apologize and that’s all I can do. If you’re ever open to speaking up about a problem, we can talk it out. Otherwise, if you’re still angry at me even after I have tried to reach out, stay immature for no reason at all. Have a great day!

Top Fashionista: 3/20/21

Gifts Sent to Others: 15

People who owe me gifts, that likely scammed me:
Eilish x1
SugarCrash x2

Skype: happiness.abounds

Highest Stars Placement: 12th

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