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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is KrisStory

I’m a TG Event Coordinator of the no-life variety (the best kind)

TV Star #310
Super Gold #19
Platinum #45
Chromatica #17
Holographica #11

Never had a shop but people I have gifted:
Nickgqc, Stuartlittle16, Coreyants, Noah_Kondon, FrozenShadow09, lavaworks, Elvira, Nickgqc again, tonyalbright, Roxas546, BluJay112, sandym89 (GG), Coreyants again x2, Steefano, Miguelbenitez, Roshy, Coreyants again, JordanLloydFan, Jourdanbabyxoxo, Roshy again, NoChildSupport, smuguy2012, Sameed27, FireX, aronjx, Aaliyah_, Noah_Kondon, Coreyants x2, joaovictor, WaffleKing, Elian, ItsAlexia (BOGO), Absol, Melissasinclair29, cheritaisdelicious x2, ricardogv, Lights, lifeiscool x2, bblover96, yandereboy12, lifeiscool, joey65409, goldie77

My Games 1176 games played

1 Jun, 22
27 May, 22
26 May, 22
21 May, 22
15 May, 22
10 May, 22
5 May, 22

My Blog Check my blog!

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