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~ Roster ~
• bigben1996 [BigBen's Survivor Series]
• coolnarwhal88 [Bennett's Survivor Series]
• donosaurus_rex [Dono's Survivor Series]
• iichaoskimmy & purplebb4 [Purple's Kimmy & Purple's BB Series]
• Jasoi [Jasoivivor Series]
• lionsden121 & JoshBB17 [L&J's Survivor Series]
• mudndawilderness [Mud's Survivor Series]
• noah_kondon [Noah's Survivor Series]
• OldNewz & Pieguy555 [M&N's Survivor Series]
• Pokepat [Pokepat's Survivor Series]
• purplebb4 [Purple's Survivor Series]
• SuitMan13 [Suitman's Big Brother/Suitman's Flop Nation Series]
• ThePug [Kolby's Survivor Series]
• TheSexiestDude990 [Julian's Survivor Series]
• VegasBoy94 & Cryptspartan [The Amazing Race Series]
• VegasBoy94 [The Power Struggle Series]
• YoundAndReckless [ItsOfficial's Survivor Series]

• This group is to serve as a universal application group for some of the group games on Tengaged.
• Hosts can post applications here so you no longer have to join multiple application groups.
• Almost all hosts can post applications here, contact one of the admins (See players list) to have your series added to the roster.  Only established hosts will be admins.
• The overall Hosting Hub is meant as a way to help hosts make the best casts, twists, challenges, and overall game experience for the hosts and players.

~ Currently Accepting Apps ~

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Renegade Big Brother Season 1 Apps
1 postCreated by crimsonteer on 50 days 22 hours ago
Last post by crimsonteer
50 days 22 hours ago
Last post by TheSexiestDude990
83 days 19 hours ago
Midsummer BBUK 2019: Camp Slasher
1 postCreated by PoohSnap on 87 days ago
Last post by PoohSnap
87 days ago
Ethan’s Survivor Honduras
1 postCreated by thewinner on 123 days 20 hours ago
Last post by thewinner
123 days 20 hours ago
Jasoivivor syria APPLICATIONS!
1 postCreated by Jasoi on 123 days 23 hours ago
Last post by Jasoi
123 days 23 hours ago

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