TRSS'S Brantsteele Survivor

Welcome to TRSS's Brantsteele survivor series. Just fill in the application below to be considered for the next season. You will have attribute points to split for your character in order to make your character as customizable as possible. I will then Brantsteele the season. I will hopefully have returnees in later seasons!

Season 1: Borneo
16th- Jasper (5-3 vote)
15th- Mikayla (6-1 vote)
14th- Twinkle (3-3 vote) (4 revote)
13th- Acy (4-4 vote) (5-1 revote)
12th- Daniel (4-1 vote)
11th- Sun (2-2 vote) (2 revote)
10th- Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby (7-3 vote)
9th-  Red (6-3 vote)
8th- Jermin (6-2 vote)
7th- Jacob (Medevac)
6th- Lauren (3-3 vote) (3-1 revote)
5th- Gem-Gem (4-1 vote)
4th- Robby (3-1 vote)
3rd- Slim (1-* vote)
2nd- Prada  (0 votes)
Winner: Jimbo (7 votes)

Survivor:Austrailia - Apps Open

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