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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is roofie sfoofie

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ My Valentine ..... Seana86 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

thats what u put on ur profile

1. u r not being friendly to wumble. u r being hateful
2. u r not being flexible, u r being narrow minded.
3. you are being witty, in a bad way
4. this isnt funny. idk what u think of this.
5. u r not being fun loving right now by holding up the vote.

that is what u put on ur page. i expect u to stand by it.

I plus all spam :) but I expect same in return

Self proclaimed: first Pakistani on tengaged :p andy01 is second and rapboy third lol

Skype----> far_jam101

Gifted by:
I love u guys soooo much and I will return the favor whenever possible :)

my tengaged birthday: 18th November
turned Yellow: 3rd December
turned orange: 15th december (12)
turned light green: 5th January (27)
turned green: 12th January (33)
turned blue: 19th January (39)
turned purple: 30 January (51)
Skipped red and brown
Turned black: 27 March (93)
Turned Silver: 14 August (153)
Turned gold: 16 August 2012 (233)
bought TV star on 21 October 2014 (400)

DavidFisher: 【Spookie】 DUDE YOU MADE ME THIS AWESOME HOODIE!!!I loveeeee it dude your awesome at games fun to talk to and a great designer your amazing spooks!!! :)

Karim: spookie- ur shaybay's bf irl? DDNT NO DAT XX

Truth: Spookie is a good strategist, great teammate, and excellent friend... I've known him almost as long as I've been on Tengaged... he's the man and his goatee and hair make him look like a pimp

ShyRage: u smell

konohavillage1: SPOOKIE <33333333333333333
I've known you for a while, when you got added into that chat. Great attitude all the time, an AMAZING artist.

GurlBai: Spookie, my castigns ally, really laid back cool guy and easy to get along with :p

RidSter: i hate you<33
your such a boy version of Zurks
your alwasy sayign nice shit andd like i love you.
and Stop going MIA

MichaelFisher: SPOOKIE!! you're awesom you helped me win my 100th and you're very loyal and awesome

tommyg456: great guy <3 me and him are like tweedle dee and tweedle dum

zabbie: Ur a sweetheart and i love talking to you<3333

Viola: *plays the viola gracefully in honor of spookie*

sprtsgy1989: someone praising on olyptical independent energy

seana86: Spookie ily so much, when i got my 1st shop you helped me so much. I always love talking to you, you are one of the sweetest ppl i have met on here, but you really have to do something with that electricity problem lol. xoxox

STOKES2009: I have only played a couple of games with you and you always seem like a really sweet person !!

Chels05: I loved how we had our little side conversation basically determining what was going to happen. You seem awesome and everyone in here seems to love you so hope to play with you again.

Igloo_people: i wuv you spookie. after knowing you for aegis, i can tell your an extremely intelligent person. you take in everything around you, and in some cases take advantage of that. your a great gameplayer.. even though your record doesn't show it. your a great alliance member so please don't quit. ily

Meyaar :Gari tou Gari
Pyaari hai Pyaari
Gari tou Gari
Pyaari hai Pyaari
Ao sab mil kar chalain Lyaari,,yucck

Only meant to be understood by Spookie whenever he sees this!!

rapboy: Your awesome thanks so much for being my tengaged mentor and telling me about charity's and the other 6 billion things I asked you about your selfless and gave alot of time just helping me out your me tengaged mentor a good friend and live in the same country as me( which is a big thing cause I think were the only two actives in our country) :P

Chris AKA finklestein123: I like your honesty in your username, because you truly are spookie xx

Clueliz: You are such a sweet and funny person. I love reading all your blogs! We should definitely hang out more :P

Meowfie: spookie -lol im not going anywhere mah friend ....and so are you ...yorue that person who i can say is comfortable enough in his own skin...youre somewhat very caring to people and someday you will find someone who will care for you :P

Bengalboy: Spookie - I'm glad I helped you realise HoFers are people too LOL. I mainly know of you through Esah telling me you're Tengaged's Top P*ki and you turned out to be a true gentleman in tha chat. Hope to see you in a few years in the top survivor player reunion LOL.

Jenna2010: ~ You are sooooooooo funny... You have such an awesome personality... There is always a good laugh when you are around... Love our scrabble games with Meyaar, some of the craziest things come up... :P We need to get back to playing, I miss it so much!! Love you sweetie!! :D

431 karma before my 100th not bad I guess

when I joined it was stars 105

Joined stars 197
got 8th
realitynerd 54.6%

joined stars 208
got 11th :'(
survived against meyaar 47.3% :D
survived against lacrosseallstar 48.3%
evicted against dmann 50.2%

joined stars 224
got 11th again
evicted against VH1lover 52.6%

joined stars 244
got 13th lol
evicted against Alireza 56.2%

joined stars 323
got 6th
nommed for 10th and survived against MagicDuck 45.5%
evicted against Meyaar 52.1% ._.

charities I joined: I started counting after I played 12-15 of them already

Lamia (sky)
screamfan0061 (100)
FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT (100)
aaronstevens4444 (gold)
Bo_oM (400th)
Ninihead25 (400th)
Meyaar (200th)
Sinfulh0pe (silver)
clueliz (300th)
Meyaar (TV)
redjean (100th+silver)
mattmon3365 (300th+gold)
aksp53 (silver)
Typhlosion37 (black)
AussieRaf (200th)

Brad13535 (1000th)
screamfan0061 (100th)
Halloween (500th)
screamfan0061(dark green)
Ninihead25 (purple)
Boococky (purple)
zrd123 (400th)
Shane4514 (100th)
Kaden (100th)
danio (red)
Hakim (birthday)
animorphlover3 (500th)

If anyone want to contact me and Im not around for few days then tell Hmzz/Danio to text me :)

My Games 432 games played

5 Oct, 21
5 Oct, 21
6 Jul, 19
1 Jul, 19
26 Jun, 19
8 Jun, 19
8 Jun, 19

My Blog Check my blog!

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