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Hello, my name is TheRealSlimShady

Group games :-
Games played as Rapboy:

Smiley's Survivor Peru- 2nd
- First game ever
- at merge there were two huge threats
- Through a series of councils with alliances changing every council I was able to make final 4 with one of these threats.
- I had planned to take him out at this spot
- However he had someone who refused to vote him
- He stayed and won the game

Smiley's Survivor Greece : All-stars - 14th
- Played a very outright game
- Took leadership role
- Payed for it at merge

Benlinus's Survivor Myanmar (Gen 1) - 7th
- Single handedly won challenges for my tribe
- only active member caused us to merge 5 to 5
- Won a tiebreaker challenge in order to secure my sides majority
-Idol played next council on our vote causing a tie in numbers again
- One person from my side flipped next council

Benlinus's survivor Heroes vs. Villains (Gen 1) - 19th
- Was on heroes tribe
- my side was in minority
- 6th voted off
- Voted off by an alliance formed on occultus as soon a single as I arrived.

Benlinus's Survivor Pearl Islands (Gen 2)- 13th
- Was not very active so voted off

Benlinus's Survivor Amazon Second chances - 4th
- Very inactive season
- Floated to 4th

Suitman's Survivor Fiji (Gen 1)- 3rd
- Was stuck alone against an alliance
- Managed to get by
- tried to take out leader of the alliance in multiple occasions but to no avail.
- Made FTC where the leader won the game.

Suitman's Survivor All Stars (Gen 1) : 5th
- Once again tried taking out the same Alliance leader
- He took me out at f5 and went onto win, again.

Suitman's Survivor Heroes vs Villains (Gen 1) : 17th
- Casted as a villain
- in minority from the start
- voted out by the same threat,who led the majority

Joeker's Survivor Samoa - 3rd
- I really don't remember this season at all, I just....found it
- Used an idol to save myself at F5 (3 votes negated)
- Self-voted twice

Cmack's Survivor Vengeance Island - 14th
- Hardly remember this season, wasnt very active it seems.
- This was the 2nd tribal i went to, even the first one i almost went home

Cmack's Survivor South Pacific - 6th
- Merge started off as Savaii vs. Upolu ( i was in Savaii)
- Savaii continuously screws up ( I was part of keeping an ally safe on the other side by warning him he was getting votes so he could play an idol on himself)
- At about final 7 tribal lines dissolve
- Me, Ireks and Gaia are a solid f3
- Played an idol on ireks to save him
- At final 5, got idolled out :(
- Lost on RI
- Ireks had betrayed me by telling the person at f5 we were voting him

Sajanas's Survivor: Madagascar - 2nd
-7 straight Immunities
- 3 idols (None played on myself)
-Played 2 idols the same council (and got a friend to play one) toget rid of the biggest threat
- Called all except 1 vote after Merge

Saj's Survivor Alaska 14th
-4 Returnees
-Cole and Jaumbe after my ass due to last season
-In the end, got eliminated at the first tribal I went to

Link's Survivor: The Shifting Isles - 11th/30
-Stupid Voting Blunder caused Elimination (6-5-2 - i was part of the 2)
-Two Season's of 20 merged to make this game

Turney's Survivor: Tocantins - 7th
-Cole was after me after I blindsided him in Saj's survivor Madagascar. So I was screwed :p


Jimbo's Survivor: Canada - 2nd
-Tribe didn't lose a single challenge
-Called every single vote
-Only person to vote right every tribal
-Lost due to my strategic control being too 'transparent'

Wangi's Survivor: Canada - 4th
- Had a strong core of 4 (Got the highest out of all of them)
- Got flipped on every tribal after merge
- Did get played by Sahmosean
- Lost a firemaking challenge at f4

Link's Survivor: Iceland - 3rd
- Twist allowed people to be kidnapped after every challenge
- Got power in my original tribe and was then kidnapped
-Only had one solid allie in my new tribe
-We played the game hard together, resulting in us making final 3
-Got no jury votes

Mrcool's Survivor: Belize - 3rd
- Asked to be removed before game started so i could concentrate on Link and Wangis
- Plea ignored
- Did nothing, made f5
- Made one allie at f5
-Voted off at final 3

Nj's Survivor: Easter Island - 5th
- Had no allies on original tribe
- Had a strong alliance on the new tribe which broke down at merge in favour of original tribe lines
-Flipped on original tribe
-Then Flipped on new alliance
- Got people to draw rocks for me
- Was voted out cause my allie was too scared of being voted off

Suit's Survivor: Eritrea - 14th
- Tried forming a 7 pair alliance (stupid)
- made me a huge target
- blindsided by 4 people I trusted after a swap

Jimbo's Survivor: Phillipines - 6th
- 2nd most hated on my tribe at f18
- put on outcasts tribe
- outcasts only lost one challenge where I lost my closest allie
- went into merge 5 v 5 and one in the middle.
- received votes against me tribal after tribal
- at f6 the pair I was solid with flipped on me causing me to get voted out
- had a total of 14 votes against me in the season

Suit's Survivor New Zealand - 7th
- Favourites v FInalists v Failures (Part of the failures)
- Survived a RV a rock draw and losing my 2 closest allies pre-merge
- Played close with the other 2 failures at merge
- Blindsided at final 7 when the remaining finalists and faves got together (We also attempted to make a move that round with the finalists since there was a faves-failures alliance)

Bingo's Survivor Bahamas - 1st!
-Played hard
-Took every risk possible (playing an Idol on someone else with a chance of going, rocks and forcing a tiebreaker at f4)
- in the end jury respected my hard gameplay and gave me the win 6-0
- Got joint fan fave

Bennet's Survivor: Santa Catarina -3rd
- Used an ally's idol to push a 3-3 swap our way (by convincing the other side to vote him)
- Merged with original tribe majority
- Stuck together for 2 tribals
- Made a move on the leader of the tribe
- I controlled the next couple of councils
- Played an idol when I did not need it
- The person i was willing to take to the final two proved to be a completely emotional player, at final 5 made the wrong call which fucked up both of our games
- Won final 4 firemaking challenge
- Voted off at final 3
- Won 2 immunities.
- Won POS

JS's Survivor China - 9th
- Formed close bonds with many players
- Had a straightforward pre-merge
-When merge hit shit broke lose
- Three tribe merge so i scrambled my ass off for majority, which i was able to get
- First merge tribal, Person in minority plays idol correctly and close ally goes
-Second merge tribal, Same person plays idol correctly again and another close ally goes (While someone even flipped from my side)
-Third merge tribal, another ally goes in a 6-5 vote because they self voted...
-Fourth merge tribal, one person flips, one person throws their vote, causing a tie, and on the Revote it ties up again going to rocks. In which I lose someone else on my side
-I am then taken out for being a threat, when most of my allies abandoned me and went to minority apart from 2.

NJ's Survivor Cambodia:Second Chance - 6th
- Voted right and received no votes up until the council i went
- Had to blindside some people which was hard
- got blindsided by someone i never expected to turn on me

Cmack's Survivor: Rio de Janeiro - 4th
- Played an intense pre-merge, leaked information to the other tribe as well to control those votes
- Merge went back and forward
- An ally gave me an idol which i used sucessfully
- In the end, owned up to same ally that i planned to vote him out 4th, he won immunity and took me out

Cmack's Morocco:All Star - 10th
- Was in Majority till merge and then got sent home

Benlinus's Survivor: Malaysia - 3rd
- Started on the weakest tribe
- Formed a solid duo with last guy remaining on tribe
- Three tribe merge
- Both tribes went seperate ways as me and last guy went to a different tribe
- My side started losing numbers
- Somehow get back into majority
- Blindside 3 close allies in a row
- Voted off at 3rd for my underdog story

Will and Js21's Survivor: Ko Tarutao - 2nd
- Had way too many friends
- Had to vote alot of friends off
- Made it to f3 and got 2 votes

Inducted into Cmack's Hall of Fame

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