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I've got to applaud

Jun 27, 2015 by TheRealSlimShady
dabomb and joedamanxd 's game play right now. Taking minimal evidence and passing it around as the 100% truth. Obviously it would be ridiculous in any normal circumstance but the way they be done it to counter-act amandas popularity.... Brilliant. The gen pop is very easy to move and this is just the thing to do. Tons of respect for both of you.  Even if she survives this poll her popularity will take a beating for the finals. You guys have played this off perfectly.
This is how stars should be played when there's a huge popularity threat, not just giving up and handing them the win as I've seen done time and time again.


I mean. I just didn't want some random noob winning and holding my hand in the hof. but... sure. gg them
Sent by HeavyRain,Jun 27, 2015
it's a good idea but the votes are most likely going to split between joe and dabomb anyways
Sent by Answerable,Jun 27, 2015
One of them needs to make a campaign separating them from the other. The only problem now is time. Cause they'll need to focus on this and then the finals will have actually started. So they'll need something big in a small amount of time
Sent by TheRealSlimShady,Jun 27, 2015
Well DaBomb has being unnommed going for him, which will get hm extra support, and any honest noob support would be for JoeDaManXD, I just feel like since they both have things like that going for them people that don't want to vote AmandaP will be torn between voting between these 2 who both played what appears to be solid games. I'd predict Amanda 1st, Dabomb 2nd, Joe 3rd. Don't want that to happen but that's what seems most likely. Although I think a Mack3199 upset is entirely possible and I'm rooting for that more than anything right now.
Sent by Answerable,Jun 27, 2015
I don't mind Amanda making end. She played the public well but now she's screwing up . I feel that of DaBomb can make this unnommed thing a huge deal he can win. Joe in my mind has no shot unless he does something huge
Sent by TheRealSlimShady,Jun 27, 2015
TheRealSlimShady thank you :D I'm trying my hardest lol, thanks for respecing gameplay.
Sent by JoeDaManXD,Jun 27, 2015

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