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Survivor: New Forest

Congratulations to Stary, the winner of Survivor: Madidi - Rookies vs. Returnees!

For the twelfth season of Bennett's Survivor, sixteen brand-new castaways will be embarking on a quest into an expansive forest rich with culture and history. It is the ultimate test of wit and social prowess. Who will be crowned at the top of Bennett's Survivor royalty and who will be left to rot in the dungeons of pre-merge pathos?


Two are left. who will win Survivor: New Forest?

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-KINGSHILL [2/10]-

16th - dweller [Fawley|5-2-1|Day 2]
15th - ChubbyHuggs [Fawley|Quit|Day 3]
14th - Nichole98 [Fawley|5-1|Day 3]
13th - Brycemusser [Fawley|5-0|Day 5]
12th - Antetokounmpo [Fawley|3-1|Day 6]
11th - lhooper902976 [Fawley|2-1|Day 7]
10th - JSBReality [Ringwood-Kingshill|4-4-1-1; Eliminated via self-vote|Day 8]
09th - kevin121302 [Ringwood-Kingshill|8-1|Day 9]
08th - ferdinandz [Fawley-Kingshill|5-2(1)|Day 10]
07th - IceBear [Fawley-Kingshill|5-1-1|Day 12]
06th - Emmett4 [Ringwood-Kingshill|3(1)-1-1|Day 13]
05th - iichaoskimmy [Ringwood-Kingshill|1-0(3)-0(1)|Day 14]
04th - SammySosaTV [Ringwood-Kingshill|3-1|Day 15]
03rd - John10 [Ringwood-Kingshill|1-0|Day 16]

Featured Players 9 playing

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