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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is John
[1st/32] ETC: The Gauntlet #GoodGuys
[1st/32] TTRS: Battle of the Seasons 2
[1st/22] Mana's Survivor: Friends vs. Favorites (4 Immunities; 2 HIIs) (PotS) (4-2)
[1st/20] Noah Kondon's The Challenge: The Inferno #BadAsses
[1st/20] Link's Survivor: Second Chances (1 HII) (3-3-1) RV:(4-3)
[1st/18] Bennett's Survivor: Yangudi Rassa (2 Immunities; 1 HII) (8-1)
[1st/18] Kolby's Survivor: Norway (2 Immunities; 1 HII) (6-1-0)
[1st/18] Suitman's Survivor: New Zealand (1 Immunity; 1 HII) (4-3-0)
[1st/17] Suitman's Flop Nation: I Love Money (4 Paymasters)
[1st/10] Noah Kondon's The Challenge: The Duel (4 Duels)
[2nd/20] Turney Time Big Brother 19 (2 HoHs) (6-3)
[2nd/20] Big Ben's Survivor: Blood vs. Water (1 Immunity) (5-2-2)
[2nd/18] Chastain's Survivor: Lebanon (2 Immunities; 3 HIIs) (4-3-1)
[2nd/16] Platinum Big Brother 3 (5HoHs and 7PoVs) (Player of the Season) (6-3)
[2nd/16] User5's Survivor: Solomon Islands (5 Immunities) (5-3-0)
[2nd/14] MMAJunkieX's Big Brother 3 (2HoHs, 3PoVs, Battle to Return) (4-3)
[3rd/30] Blat's Big Brother 8: Colour Wars (1 HoH, 11th Juror)
[3rd/16] Gaiaphage's Survivor: Second Chances (1 Immunity; 2 HIIs) (4-2-1)
[4th/20] Link's Survivor: Alaska (1 Immunity; 8th Juror)
[4th/16] Bingo's Survivor: Malawi (2 Immunities; 6th Juror)
[5th/18] WPF's Survivor: Caicos Islands (7th Juror)
[5th/16] Losa's Big Brother 2 (2 HoHs and 2 PoVs; 7th Juror) (Hero of the Season)
[5th/16] Turney Time Big Brother 18 (2 HoHs and 2 PoVs; 7th Juror)
[6th/24] Suitman's Survivor: Ragnarok (9th Juror)
[6th/18] ItsOfficial's Survivor: Venezuela (2 HIIs; 4th Juror)(Hero of the Season)
[6th/18] Flop Nation: Raven
[6th/14] Blake's Big Brother 3 (1 PoV; 4th Juror)
[7th/22] Kolby's Survivor: Rulers vs. Revolutionaries (5th Juror) (Fan Favorite)
[7th/20] Wangifold's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (5th Juror)
[8th/100] Survivor: Island of Champions (1 HII; 11th Juror)
[8th/18] Big Ben's Survivor: Jordan (1 Immunity; 4th Juror)
[8th/18] Wangifold's Survivor: Beasts vs. Leasts (2nd Juror)
[9th/16] M&N's Survivor: Ethiopia
[9th/15] TTRS: Newbie Stars 2
[10th/24] Suitman's Flop Nation: Project Rewind (1 Immunity; 4th Juror)
[10th/18] User5's Survivor: Cambodia ~ All-Stars
[11th/16] Turney Time Big Brother 9 (1 HoH; 2 PoVs; 1st Juror)
[12th/24] Suitman's Survivor: Conqueror's Crusade (1st Juror)
[12th/16] TTRS: Whodunnit?
[14th/20] M&N's Survivor: San Marino
[14th/14] Platinum Big Brother 5 (All-Stars)
[15th/24] TTRS: Survivor Congo
[16th/20] Gaiaphage's Survivor: Bahrain
[19th/24] Suitman's Flop Nation: Crystal Maze
[20th/20] Survivor: Bingo's Battalion vs. Suitman's Soldiers
[24th/32] Link's Survivor: Tristan da Cunha

k so ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ

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