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Hello, my name is Rhys

"I said Rhys was going to win again if we didn't vote him out. We all said Rhys was going to win again if we didn't vote him out. And here he is. At the end. Winning. AGAIN."

Myself and Adam:

Record: 6 consecutive group game wins

Oh and Rhys played his idol, but I forgot that part.

1st through 15th (consecutively) in Fastings:
(Although now ruined thanks to Tengaged rework).

6th: Dylan B./DylanBTBT
5th: Rhys R./AndThenThereWasOne
4th: Derek Z./bryjow123

Bang Gangers for life.

"Ya well they all hate me so I must've done something right haha" - BB5Lover

"Here comes my next Tengaged account @AndNowThereIsTwo see you in 7 days" - SurvivorFan37

[21/06/2015 23:28:36] Andthentherewasone: guys cole hasn't acknowledged my existence in over a year
[21/06/2015 23:28:42] Cole91: hi Rhys lol

♠ Comments From My Favourite Hosts / Players ♠

"Rhys is strategic and friendly" - Bklimas

"Rhys is so good, he even could even make Kim Spradlin throw out the Rhys" - Robulusjgreisonne

"Rhys, much like Cochran, is the greatest player ever" - Obscurity


Suitman's Survivor

[1/16] Suitman's Japan
[5/24] Suitman's Conquerors Crusade
*fan favourite
[1/31] Suitman's Solmon Islands
[1/16] Suitman's Worlds Collide
[4/24] Suitman's Conquerors Crusade 2

Cmack's Survivor

[1/18] Cmack's Rio de Janeiro
*best confessionals
*strategic player of the season
*villain of the season
*player of the season
[1/27] Cmack's All-Winners Champion
*best confessionals
*alliance of the season
*social player of the season
*player of the season

Leli's Survivor

[7/18] Leli's Comorros Island
[1/20] Leli's Survivor: Unfinished Business

Obscurity's Survivor

[1/20] Obscurity's Survivor: New Zealand
*player of the season
[8/24] Obscurity's All-Stars

Prez and Winner's Survivor

[1/18] Prez and Winner's Kyushu
*villain of the season
*fan favourite
[3/20] Winner and Prez's All-Stars {4-2-1}
*fan favourite

Dragotistic's Survivor

[12th] Dragotistic's Palau
*deserves second chance
[1/20] Dragotistic's Survivor: Second Chances
*player of the season
*villain of the season
*best physical player of the season
[5th] Dragotistic's All-Stars
*player of the season

Big Ben's Survivor

[1/16] BigBen's Survivor: Iceland
*fan favourite
[4th] BigBen's All Stars
*hero of the season
*joint fan favourite with Suitman13

LoganWorm's Survivor

[2/18] LoganWorm's Survivor: Costa Rica (3-4)
*player of the season
[18/18] LoganWorm's All-Stars (My bad, timezones).

Bingo's Survivor

[4th] Bingo's Survivor Laos
[12/20] Bingo's Survivor: Jordan - Fans and Favourites

Wangifold's Survivor

[8th] Wangifold's Jamaica
*fan favourite
[9th] Wangy's Survivor (2.0): Madagascar
[11th] Wangifold's Heroes VS Villains (voted out 12-5 by 6 people)
*awarded most fucked by twist

Solo Games

[1/18] Survivor's Survivor: Vietnam
[1/18] Don'tVoteMePlease's Survivor: Tuvalu
[1/18] IHasFood's Survivor: Borneo
*villain of the season
[2/20] DarkTyphoon's Survivor: Myanmar {7-1-1}
[6th] Will and Js21's Survivor: Ko Tarutao
*villain of the season
[7th/20] KidA's Norway
*fan favourite



- Inducted into W&P Hall of Fame. (1st for Best Duo, 1st for Best Social Player, 2nd for Funniest Player)
- Dragotistic's Top Ranked Winner
- Cmack's Unofficial Top Ranked Winner

* on the conversation of sex

Andthen: Would you guys ever role-play?
Ethan000: you mean like in group games?
Andthen: i mean, if that's what you're into?

Gifts I'm after:


Told Eric he was next on a flag.
Then he was.
Then I quit.

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