IWA (International Wrestling Alliance)

International Wrestling Alliance is a group for fun, I decided to start this because I have been in multiple wrestling type groups and Honestly get pissed when the owners of the groups don't know what a shoot is, what a heel is, or what a fucking cripple crossface is, I decided that I wanted to create this group for people who know that everything in here is fun and people are not joining to fucking do homework.
How it will work: Just like the NWA there will be different promoters working together, there will be an undisputed championship, and the Undisputed champion must be involved in every pay per view, and at every show,
Now that may look like hard work for you all but it isn't, In Fact! its no work, what will happen is the promoters (GM's) will be assigned or allowed to create a show, there will be up to 4 shows, and each day The GMs will create the show cards with their roster that is drafted to them, and post results here.
You will be given a dif wrestler, either by pic, maybe even one created for U?

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IWA (International Wrestling Alliance)

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