Chantra's Survivor Series

Congrats to Rob (robulusjgreisonne) for winning season 6, Survivor Japan (All-Stars): Yin vs Yang


*Awards like Hero/Villain/Threat of the Season are shown on individual season wiki pages*

Survivor: Kiribati
Sole Survivor - 5651Omar
Runner Up - Chloeox

Survivor: Tokelau
Sole Survivor - Jman96
Runner Up - Maicolx3
Runner Up - Manipulation
Player of the Season - Manipulation

Survivor Mexico: Island of the Dead:
Sole Survivor - Snowgirl57
Runner Up - Ninja41
Runner Up - Coolexhcangestudent

Survivor: Guyana
Sole Survivor - Jordonk
Runner Up - rabbaj
Runner Up - bigbrother101
Player of the Season - Jordonk

Survivor: Galapagos
Sole Survivor - Robulusjgreisonne
Runner Up - Murly
Runner Up - archerskyfire
Player of the Season - Robulusjgreisonne

Survivor Japan (All-Stars): Yin vs Yang
Sole Survivor - Robulusjgreisonne
Runner Up - Tailslover13
Player of the Season - Robulusjgreisonne


Inactiveness – If a player is inactive from the site for 4+ they will be med. evacuated from the game. If you are leaving somewhere let me know ahead of time.

Arguing and Controversy – If you have an issue with an outcome of a challenge or vote, ect. privately PM me so I can get the issue solved as quickly as possible. Making a scene in front of everyone may result in you getting pulled out of the game. However you can argue with other players in the game as much as you want :)

Quitting – If you want to quit PM me before you reveal it to the rest of the cast. That way I can account for you leaving in the next challenge, tribal, ect. Remember, once you quit you MAY NOT return back into the game for any reason.

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  5. TIEBREAKER: Who do you want to win? Rabby or Jordon?1954 days 16 hours ago

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