Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Danny the DJ

I DJ and Produce music.
*In search of a record label*

My latest track: Millions

Awesome feedback:
I love all your music ^_^
Sent by TheEclipse,Jan 5, 2014

I wish you the best of luck! I hope you can get noticed :)
Sent by Cray,Dec 12, 2013

i seriously think you could be famous one day i literally actually LIKE This
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Dec 12, 2013

That was AMAZING and FANTASTIC! I really hope I can hear more of your work :) Please keep me informed on any new or old releases you have! < 3
Sent by Volibear,Dec 12, 2013

please find a record label. good job
Sent by smi9127,Dec 13, 2013

Most recent track:

Group Placements:
Aksp's Survivor Cook Islands (3rd)
bclrockschamps Survivor (3rd)
Gaiaphages Survivor Naaru (12th)
smiley's Survivor Ethiopia (4th)
BHD's Survivor Bermuda Triangle (7th)
Smiley's Survivor All-Stars (6th)
BCL's Survivor Ultimate Island (7th)
Kpnna's EtU Double Trouble (6th)
Captain Tangerine's THE DUNGEON (3rd)
BHD's Survivor Recruits V.S Veterans (3rd)
Spinner's Survivor Fiji (8th)
Bingo's Survivor Hosts V.S The Toast (16th) -_-
BHD/Cmack's All-Stars V.S All-Stars Survivor Brasil (18th)
Kpnna's EtU All-Stars (9th)
BHD's Survivor Polynesia (WINNER)
Cray's American Idol (4th)
Bcl and Antega's Survivor Outcast Island (6th)
Cmack's Apprentice (8th)
LW's Survivor Marquesas (8th)
SSS' Surivor All-Stars (Walked)
BHD's Survivor Galapagos (1st)
BHD's Survivor Fans V.S Favs (8th)
Gaiaphage's Survivor Return to Bouvet Island (31st out of 88)
BHD's Survivor All-Stars (5th)
BHD's Survivor Heroes V.S Villians (12th out of 28)
JS21's Survivor Fans V.S Favorites (16th)
Bingo21's Survivor Second Chances (9th)
Mearl's Survivor South Africa (8th)
Mearl's Survivor All-Stars Favorites V.S Finalists (16/30)
BHD's Survivor Jamaica (8th)
Cmacks Survivor Japan (7th)
BHD's Survivor Fiji (5th)
BHD's Survivor All Stars 2: Icons vs Unknowns (RUNNER UP) 4 Votes To Win (Villian of the Season Award)
Cmack's Survivor: Mexico (7th) (Villian of Season Award)
Cmack's Survivor: Iceland (WINNER) 4 Votes to win
Cmack's Survivor: Winners v.s Losers (8th)
LoganWorm's Survivor: China (3rd) Player of the Season

Hosted Group Games:


"I love your game. You make it just like the real survivor and especially that challenge today was perfect. I pictures you as Jeff aha." - JordonK

"I loved this season, it restored my faith in doing well in Survivor group games" - Dinosauro27

"This season has been PHENOMENAL, and with a really fantastic winner and a deserving second and third place finishers! This more than any season I've played has felt so much like the real Survivor, and man what a wicked cast!" -AndThenThereWasOne

Chantra's survivor is the best one I've played, so anyone
who gets it, work hard guys! :) - AndThenThereWasOne

"Oh my god! I can't believe you're leaving! But I guess everyone reaches that day on here. I just would love to say that it has been an honor for me to be able to play for you and with my amazing fellow castaways in your knock-out seasons of survivor. Your game was the first survivor group game that I've played and it set a precedent. None of the other group games that I've played since about 5-6 months ago could compare to what you bring to the table until your all stars. You are truly the best host on this site, nobody else comes even close to your level of awesomeness. When you leave tengaged you will be surely missed dude. You have touched so many people and have made a giant impact on many of us. I wish you the best in your music career as I look forward to listening to your beats one day :P it has been a pleasure getting to know you and playing with as well as for you Danny, I don't think I could ever forget you. Best of luck! Hugs and kisses! And just, thanks for the memories :')" - m0nkeymaniac


Endurance Galapagos:
Winner - Yellow Team (cnathaniel/felipe123)
Runner Up - Brown Team (monkeyman018)

Endurance Exotic Island:
Winner - Turquoise Team (Leonine_Divine,Turney1805)
Runner Up - Lavender Team (Gaiaphage,Pandaluver333

Endurance Mexico:Day of the Dead
Winner - White Team (Ofl1998/Matthew929)
Runner Up - Pinkle Team (Jman96/Jimboslice)

Endurance:The Maldives
Winner - Purple Team (Andalarew/KindlyCruel)
Runner Up - Pink Team (Snowgirl57/Teri32)

Endurance Greece:
Winner - Green Team (Saxonmath/JonMCgillis)
Runner Up - Spartans (SplozoJames/Aiwfwyattroh

Endurance Battle of the Gods
Winner - Team Apollo (Jman96/Jimboslice)
Runner Up - Team Perseus (Rshowfreak/Mybash_)


Chantra's Drama Forest
Winner - Chee5e55ave
Runner Up - Ofl1998

Werewolves of Millers Hollow (Hiatus)
Season 1 - Wolves Win
Season 2 (with JohnOliver as co-host) - Wolves Win

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My Games 65 games played

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14 Oct, 13
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8 Oct, 13
8 Oct, 13

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