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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is jman96

I was in a westling group game and I was named The Beast. I was the westling champion of the world in that group game. Profile:

Skype: jordanthegreat96

I dont like to make emenys


Win a Fast Castings DONE
Win a Slow Castings DONE
Win a Frookies DONE
Win a Rookies
Get Top 4 in Rookies DONE
Play a Survivor DONE
Play a The Duel DONE
Win a Duel
Be part of HOF
Play a Stars

Favourite Reality TV:

Big Brother US
Big Brother Canada
The Real World
The Challenge
The Celebrity Apprentice
Hell's Kitchen US

Group games i hosted: (Retired Group Game Host)

Survivor Congo River: 1st: Hotfox1
Survivor Samoa: 1st: ColbyDonaldson8513
Endurance: 1st: Purple (kindlycruel1 and RobbyLanza)

Survivor Series Generation 1:

Season1: Borneo - Pratty437
Season 2: The Austrian Outback - JBC8
Season 3: Africa - NJDevil19
Season 4: Cook Islands - Pepperparker

How many times I won a season in group games? 9

Groups Experence
Camdizzils TopChef 1 (9th/20)
Camdizzils/49288 TopChef 3 (2nd/20)
49288 TopChef 4 *All-Stars* (Top 3/8) (Never Completed)
Hotfoxs Survivor Tochatins (2nd/20) (Player Of The Season)
Hotfoxs Survivor All-Stars (5th/18) (Player Of The Season)
Hotfoxs Survivor Pearl Islands (10th/14)(Player Of The Season)
Drago's Total Drama Island 1(1st/20)
Cubsguy831's Survivor Borneo (4th/16)
Cubsguy831's Survivor All-Stars (4th/18)
Cubsguy831's Survivor Heroes Vs Villains (Hero) (11th/22)
Cubsguy831's Survivor Hawaii (5th/16) (Hero of the Season)
Green's Survivor Nicaragua (8th/20)
Green's Survivor Phillipines (7th/20) (Player Of The Season)
Spinner Survivor Tuvalu (5th/16) (Nom for Player of the Season)
Spinner Survivor Belize (All-Stars) (16th/18)
Js21 Survivor Thailand (8th/16)
Js21 Survivor All-Stars (15th/18)
Js21 Survivor One World (1st/16)
Js21 Survivor Rwanda (12th/16)
Js21 Survivor Fans Vs Favourites (Favourite) (3rd/20)
Js21 Survivor Heroes Vs Villains (Villain) (9th/20)
Js21 Survivor Cagayan (17th/24)
Js21 and Survivorfan37 Survivor Ko Tarutao (20th/20) *First Bottom Placement*
Bcl Orginal Survivor 2 (5th/12)
Bcl Orginal Survivor 3 (8th/14)
Bcl Survivor South Pacific (1st/16)
Bcl Stars 1 (1st/12)
Bcl Survivor Austrilla (1st/12)
Bcl Survivor Back to Basics (3rd/12)
Bcl Survivor Hawaii (7th/13)
Bcl's Survivor Congo River (1st/14) (Player Of The Season)
Bcl's Survivor Islands of Fire (4th/12)
Bcl's Survivor Heros VS Villains (2nd/12) (Hero) (Player Of The Season)
Bcl's Survivor Dynamic Duos (4th/12)
Bcl's Survivor Borneo (3rd/16)
Suitmans Survivor Nicaragua (19th/20)
Suitmans Survivor China - Second Chances II (17th/24)
-----Generation 2------
Suitmans Survivor Caicos Islands (12th/16)
Suitmans Survivor New Zealand (4th/18)
Suitmans Survivor Last Leap (22nd/24)
Chantra Endurance Mexico Day of the Dead (2nd/10) (Partnerd with Jimboslice) (Pinkle Team)
Chantra's Endurance Battle of the Gods *All-Stars* (1st/11) (Partnered with Jimboslice) (Apollo Team)
Chantra's Survivor Tokelau (1st/18) (Hero of the Season) (Nom for Player of the Season)
Chantra's Survivor Japan All Stars (Yin vs Yang) (Yin tribe) (14th/22)
Bluba's Survivor Africa (4th/18) (Hero of the Season) (Nom for Player of the Season)
Bluba's Survivor Cook Islands *Battle of the Seasons* (2nd/20) (Nom for Hero of the Season)
BENLINUS Survivor China (4th/16)
BENLINUS Survivor Fan Vs Favourites (Favs) (15th/20th)
BENLINUS Survivor Heroes Vs Villains (Villain) (14th/20)
-----Generation 3-----
BENLINUS Survivor Arabia (10th/16)
BENLINUS Survivor Hong Kong (7th/18)
BENLINUS Survivor Heroes Vs Villains (Heroes) (3rd/20)
Sergeant/Epstar Survivor Madagascar (10th/18)
Sergeant Survivor Philippines (7th/18)
Sergeant Survivor All-Stars (9th/21) (Nom for Hero of the Season)
TheMissingLink Survivor Thailand (3rd/16)
TheMissingLink Survivor All-Stars (18/24)
TheMissingLink Survivor Cape Three Points (12th/21)
-----Generation 2------
TheMissingLink Survivor Peru (9th/16)
-----Generation 3------
TheMissingLink Survivor Galapagos (4th/18)
Smileys Survivor The Phillipines (6th/17)
Smileys Survivor Heroes Vs Villains (Hero) (2nd/20)
BestHeroD Survivor Jamaica (4th/16th) (Hero of the Season)
BestHeroD Survivor All-Stars (10th/20)
BestHeroD Survivor Heroes Vs Villains (Hero) (4th/20)
-----Generation 2------
BestHeroD Survivor Honduras (2nd/17) (Player of the Season)
BestHeroD/ItsOffical's Survivor Solomon Islands(16th/34)
77Sparks77 Survivor Borneo (10th/16)
Sprocket Stars (5th/20)
Kracken Survivor Gabon (10th/16)
AJG'S Survivor 1 (10th/20)
Saxomath Endurance (Purple Team) (Partnerd with Violet101.....replaced by Lamontlamar1998) (2nd/7)
Saxonmath Endurance 4 (Yellow Team) (Partnerd with OhNatalie) (3rd/7)
----------------Generation 2-------------------
Saxonmath Endurance 3 (Purple Team) (Partnered with CurleyLee92) (3rd/8)
Dolphinsoccor4 Survivor Tuvalu (5th/20)
Dolphinsoccor4 Survivor Lesotho (4th/25)
Dane's Lower Level Stars 28 (2nd/16)
Esquiff Survivor Season 6 - The Amazon (6th/15)
Esquiff Survivor Season 8 - All-Stars 2 (8th/14th)
LoganWorm Survivor Tonga (4th/16) (Fan Favorite) (Player of the Season)
LoganWorm Survivor All-Stars (5th/18)
Bingo's Survivor Angola (10th/18)
Bingo's Survivor Jordan - Fan Vs Favourites *Favourite* (11th/20)
BigBen1996's Survivor The Canadian Wilderness (8th/16) (Hero of the Season) (Nom for Fan Favourite)
BigBen1996's Survivor Favourites Vs Failures (14th/20)
----------------------Generation 2----------------------------
BigBen1996's Survivor Vanuatu (10th/18)
BigBen1996's Survivor Estonia - Unfinished Business (2nd/22)
BigBen's Survivor Last Chance () (Pre-Merge Player of the Season)
M&N's Survivor Saipan (7th/18)
M&N's Survivor Greece - Second Chances (6th/24)
M&N's Survivor Last Chances (14th/24)
M&N's Survivor Monte Carlo (8th/20)
KidA Survivor Kenya (17th/18)
Sahmosean Poll Games (7th/16)
Survivor233's Survivor Jiuzhaigou Vally (7th/16)
Cole91's Survivor Bermuda Triangle (9th/18)
Alicia123's Survivor (8th/16)'
Leli's Survivor Congo (7th/16)
Cmack311's Survivor Panama (7th/18)
Mud's Survivor: Side by Side (17th/19)
Donosaurus_rex Survivor S3: Haiti (4th/18) (Worst Move) (Player of the Season)
Donosaurus_rex Survivor S4: Libya (15th/17)
Donosaurus_rex Survivor S6: The Congo - KvD (6th/24) (Hero of the Season)
Saftronbtr999's Survivor Soul Society: (7th/18)
LTC's Survivor Rapa Nui: (2nd/18)
C&A Survivor Blood vs Water: (19th/20)
Brady’s Survivor Indonesia: (11th/18) (Untapped Potential) (Nom for Most Surprising Player)

Big Brother Group Games

Suitmans Big Brother 9: (2nd/16) (3/8 Jury votes) (2 Veto Wins)
Suitmans Big Brother 10 Eruption: (16th/18)


Generation 2 Season 2 - Cutthroat (Blue Team) (20th/30) (Out Episode 6)
Generation 2 Season 5 - Endurance (Purple Team) (Team with Peaceout14) (4th/8)
Generation 2 Season 6 - Free Agents (8th/28)
Generation 2 Season 7 - The Inferno (Bad Asses Team) (14th/22) (Elimination 8)
Generation 2 Season 9 - Opposite Worlds (11th/18)
Generation 2 Season 10 - The Quest - All-Stars (5th/15)
Generation 3 Season 1 - The Genius (13th/13) :(
Generation 3 Season 2 - Gauntlet 2 (Veteran Team) (Runner-Up)
Generation 3 Season 4 - American Grit (Navy Team) (5th/14)
Generation 3 Season 5 - The Castle 2 (11th/28)
Generation 3 Season 6 - Bachelor Pad (8th or 7th/27)
Generation 3 Season 7 - Duel 2 (20th/24)
Generation 3 Season 8 - Battle of the Seasons (Team American Grit) (Out Round 4)
Generation 3 Season 9 - Solitary 2.0 (7th/13)
Generation 3 Season 10 - Rise of the Underdogs (18th/25)
Generation 3 Season 13 - The Island (8th/18)
Generation 3 Season 15 - American Grit 2 (4th/26)
Generation 3 Season 18 - Free Agents 2 (26th/28)
Generation 4 Season 1 - I Love Money 2 (1st/14)
Generation 4 Season 2 - War of the Worlds (Out Round 8)

25 Eliminations (12 Wins, 13 loses)

NBkiller Reality Series

Season 14: Solitary: (7th/18)
Season 16: Free Agents: (5th/30) (Round 13)
Season 18: I Love Money 2: (4th/24)
Season 19: The Gauntlet: Round 4
Season 20: Liar Game 2: (2nd/22)

3 Eliminations (1 Win, 2 Losses)

TRG Reality Series

Season 3: Free Agents: (7th/18)

2 Eliminations (1 Win, 1 Loss)


Hero of the Season (Free Agents) (WON)
Robbed Award (Free Agents) (Nominee)

TTRS Reality Series

Season 33: Solitary: (7th/18)
Season 34: Free Agents (7th/15)
Season 38: Cutthroat (Grey Team) (15th/30) (Round 8)
Season 42: Game Over (6th/24)
Season 43: Newbie Stars: King of the Nerds (10th/15)
Season 47: Gauntlet 3 (Red Team) (11th/32)

5 Eliminations (1 Win, 4 Losses)

Turney Time The Challenge

Season 3: Turney vs Suitman: The Gauntlet (Savors Team) (19th/28)
Season 4: The Island (3rd/20)
Season 5: Armageddon (Partnered with AlanDuncan) (5th/16)

3 Elimination (2 Wins, 1 Loss)

Suitman's Flop Nation Reality Series

Season 4: Endurance (Gray Team) (Partnered with Chandlerp) (10th or 9th/20)
Season 13: Turney vs Suitman: The Gauntlet (Savors Team) (19th/28)

5 Eliminations (3 Wins, 2 Losses)

Kennel123's The Challenge Series

Season 1: Total Madness (2nd/16) *Competitor of the Season*
Season 2: Double Cross (3rd/16)
Season 4: Free Agents (11th or 10th/18)
Season 5: Fresh Meat (12th/14th)

3 Elimination (1 Win, 2 Losses)

Sasha's Reality Series

Season 7: The Duel (10th/18)

The Tengaged BlackList: Group Game formats that I will not apply for

- The Amazing Race
- The Duel

Virtual Survivor Days

Cub's Generation Survivor Series (101 Days) (Played 3 Times)
M&N's Survivor Series (68 Days) (Played 2 Times)
Js21 Survivor Series (226 Days) (Played 8 Times)
Bluba's Survivor Series (77 Days) (Played 2 Times)
Suitman's 1st Generation Survivor Series (21 Days) (Played 2 Times)
Suitman's 2nd Generation Survivor Series (59 Days) (Played 3 Times)
GreenRocker's Survivor Series (60 Days) (Played 2 Times)
BENLINIUS Survivor Series (68 Days) (Played 3 Times)
BENLINUS Current Survivor Series (51 Days) (Played 2 Times)
HotFox Survivor Series (90 Days) (Played 3 Times)
Sergeant Survivor Series (85 Days) (Played 3 Times)
TheMissingLink Survivor Series (72 Days) (Played 3 Times)
Smiley Survivor Series (72 Days) (Played 2 Times)
BestHeroD 1st Generation Survivor Series (103 Days) (Played 3 Times)
LoganWorm 2nd Generation Survivor Series (72 Days) (Played 2 Times)
Bingo's Survivor Series (Day 38) (Played 2 Times)

I can be very trusted

My Games 182 games played

3 Mar, 18
3 May, 17
9 Jan, 16
1 Jun, 15
1 Jun, 15
10 Aug, 14
10 Aug, 14

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