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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Benjamin X
Winner of Big Brother 6 (UK) - Makosi Musambasi <3

Put this on your page if you know someone who has or had cancer . Dear God, I pray for the cure of cancer. (93% won't copy and paste this, will you)

☆ Nation of Bislam ☆

Some call me Supreme Leader Prophet Elijah el-Hajj Malik Good Reverend Doctor el-Shabazz

Word to Muhammad ☪

If you do not teach your children al-bislam the world will teach them al-kufr

Diego and TJ are all that I love. I cant give my heart to white people. I do however own the heart of Nick Koda.

"You're fucking black and unimportant" - Chris

♣ Creator Of Occultus Island Twist ♣
♣ Creator Of Coin or Clue Twist ♣
♣ Creator Of The Glindalien Franchise ♣

Nominated For Green Toga (Best Survivor) - August 2011 Toga Awards [Survivor: Mexico]
Nominated For Green Toga (Best Survivor) - September 2011 Toga Awards [Survivor India]
Nominated For Black Toga (Best Host) - June 2012 Toga Awards [Survivor: China]
Winner Of Gold Toga (Best Overall Group) - September 2012 Toga Awards [Cook Islands]
Nominated For Black Toga (Best Host) - September 2012 Toga Awards [Cook Islands]
Nominated For Green Toga (Best Survivor) - September 2012 Toga Awards [Cook Islands]
Nominated For Orange Toga (Best Player) - September 2012 Toga Awards [Js21's Rwanda]
Winner Of Gold Toga (Best Overall Group) - October 2012 Toga Awards [Redemption Island]
Winner Of Green Toga (Best Survivor) - October 2012 Toga Awards [Redemption Island]
Winner Of Pink Toga (Best RPG) - November 2012 Toga Awards [The Walking Dead]
Winner Of Black Toga (Best Host) - December 2012 Toga Awards [The Walking Dead]

Hosting History:
• Big Brother Series - {2010, 2013}
• Horror Series - {2010-2011}
• Survivor Series - {2011-2013, 2015-present}
• The Walking Dead Series - {2012-2013}
• Rippled Water Series - {2014-2015}

♥London♥ - Can't wait for independence x

My Final Words Before I Go:

"Im Very Strong And A Lot Of People Found That Intimidating Particularly Diego. I Hope My Boo's Will Be Able To Live Without Me Catching The Fish And Without Me Being There. HALELUJAH! O GLORY! HALELUJAH! AMEEEEEEEN! God Be To Glory, All The Time.".

"Now I don't personally feel you're gonna come about someone special the same way I was. Benjamin, leader, one who is great... Linus, one who is balanced... DeGale, that's French for the river... and Im a Leo who was born on the 4th of August... which is the Queen Mothers birthday. I'm not an it girl darling I am IT! I think Im an inspiration to loads of people and I tell you why... pregnant at 15, had my daughter at 16... it weren't where I wanted to be. Went out, got a good job... got two cars... I like to be flash.. mines a BM... I got it when I was 21 though give a girl a break! Know what I mean? Thought it was an accomplishment. If I just go on about myself its because YOU'RE boring and you got nothing constructive to say about YOURSELF. This is my hair! Its not a weave! And... im a genuine person. I'm being BENLINUS, not trying to be anyone."

She is VERY rich.

Oscarishere's The Cabin Season 2: 2nd
bbblondee's Tengaged Big Brother: 1st
Turney1805's TTRS 2 Big Brother: 5th
Turney1805's TTRS 5 Fresh Meat: 3rd
Turney1805's TTRS 6 Survivor Cook Islands: 2nd
Nialfew1's Im A Tengager Get Me Out Of Here: 1st
Jackbolbery1's The Apprentice: 1st
Avatar3939's The Last One Standing Season 3: 5th
Avatar3939's The Last One Standing All Stars: 1st
Legobatman's Survivor Fiji: 1st
Futurewinner1's Survivor Cook Islands: 1st
Kikorus' Survivor The Australian Outback: 9th
Kikorus' Survivor Africa Fans Vs Favs: 1st
Tennisguy1414's Survivor Borneo: 1st
Bingo21's Survivor Heroes Vs Zeroes: 3rd
Bingo21's Survivor El Dorado All Stars: 12th
Bingo21's Survivor Scotland Arch Rivals: 6th
Tykeal's Survivor War Island: 2nd
Tykeal's Survivor All Stars: 1st
Gaiaphage's Survivor Bouvet Island: 9th
Gaiaphage's Survivor Gabon Fans vs Favs: 2nd
Gaiaphage's Survivor Uganda: 4th
Gaiaphage's Survivor Guyana Dynamic Duos: 5th (/22)
CaptainTangerine's Survivor Polynesia: 10th
CaptainTangerine's Survivor Costa Rica: 12th (/44)
Gabco's Survivor Palau: 9th
TheGreat's Survivor Japan: 1st
NatalieRoux's Survivor The Australian Outback: 2nd
Joee323's Stars 5: 6th
Joee323's Stars 6: 1st
Joee323's Big Brother UK Season 1: 5th
Joee323's Coach Trip: 1st
Suitman13's Survivor The Amazon: 2nd
Suitman13's Survivor Fiji: 1st
Suitman13'S Survivor All Stars: 1st
Suitman13's Survivor Heroes vs Villains: 8th
Suitmas13's Survivor Best of The Best: 9th (/30)
Milkisgood's Survivor Togo: 4th
Smiley20's Survivor Peru: 1st
Smiley20's Survivor Greece - All Stars: 12th
BestHeroD's Survivor Hawaii: 3rd
BestHeroD's Survivor All Stars: 13th
Jogo248's Survivor Vanuatu: 8th
Yankeeman311's Survivor Idol Island: 1st
Yankeeman311's Survivor Brains vs Brawns: 13th
JS21's Survivor Thailand: 3rd
JS21's Survivor Rwanda Dynamic Duo's: 1st
JS21's Survivor Koh Tarutao: 4th
Flamingjoe's Big Boss Season 2: 1st
Flamingjoe's Big Boss All Stars: 1st
Bclrockschamp's Survivor Japan: 6th
Spinner554's Survivor Fiji: 6th
GameTime's Survivor Nepal: 7th
LoganWorm's Survivor Nicaragua: 12th
WannaBeFriends' Ultimate Stars 4: 10th (17th Evicted)
NJKoda1998's Survivor Congo: 1st
BigBen1996's Survivor Bali - Hosts vs. Almosts: 1st
BigBen1996's Survivor South Africa (Gen 2): 3rd
Vegasboy94's The Immunity Game 4: 9th
M&N's Survivor Mongolia: 1st
JB's Cutthroat Survivor Mamanuca: 5th


Me and my tenderoni in The Gauntlet cheap cheesy into:

I Was Named 1 Of The 5 Best Survivor Hosts For Spinner554's "The Survivor". After The Players Had To Rate Us From Best (1) To Worst (5), I Was Ranked #1 As I Had The Least Amount Of Points :)

In The Tengaged Awards 2012 I Came 4th Out Of 22 Great Groups. I Was 1st Out Of All The Survivor Groups :)

Top 12 Big Brother (UK) Housemates:
• Ahmed Aghil (BB5)
• Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (BB7)
• Deana Uppal (BB13)
• Deborah Agboola (BB18)
• Derek Laud (BB6)
• Dexter Koh (BB14)
• Jayne Connery (BB17)
• Kieran "Science" Harvey (BB6)
• Makosi Musambasi (BB6)
• Narinder Kaur (BB2)
• Sukhvinder Javeed (BB18)
• Victor Ebuwa (BB5)

My Games 168 games played

23 Oct, 18
18 Oct, 18
15 Oct, 18
15 Oct, 18
21 Jan, 17
11 Aug, 15
8 Jul, 15

My Blog Check my blog!

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