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Janelle's Survivor Series

Janelle's Survivor Series is a Tengaged group game based on the American version of the Survivor reality game show. The series first premiered on March 13, 2013, on the main Tengaged website, where it was hosted by entrepreneur and co-creator Janelle Pierzina. From Maldives to All-Stars, Pierzina co-hosted the show alongside co-creator and original Big Brother and The Voice host BigBruv. BigBruv stepped down as co-host and Executive Producer before the ninth series began.

After the conclusion of the ninth series on August 25, 2013, Pierzina revealed that after a five-month airing, the show will be put on hiatus until further notice. After a further five months, it was confirmed by Pierzina that the show would return with the tenth season, due to begin on February 5, 2014, however BigBruv wasn't due to make any plans on returning alongside him. Instead, it was revealed that Platinum Big Brother host, and Guadeloupe runner-up Lauren-Jade will instead co-host the season, the latter of whom left the show after the season ended.

• Janelle's Survivor 1: Maldives [Winner: ThomasSwift - 3-2-2]
• Janelle's Survivor 2: Cayman Islands [Winner: Ethan000 - 6-1]
• Janelle's Survivor 3: Tanzania [Winner: MonaMania - 4-3]
• Janelle's Survivor 4: New Zealand [Winner: Donosaurus_rex - 9-0-0]
• Janelle's Survivor 5: Aruba [Winner: LusciousLips5 - 5-2]
• Janelle's Survivor 6: Germany [Winner: MikaylaLemon - 5-2]
• Janelle's Survivor 7: Libya [Winner: User5 - 5-2]
• Janelle's Survivor 8: All Stars [Winner: losangelesgirl - 5-2-0]
• Janelle's Survivor 9: Guadeloupe [Winner: SilentSwordsman - 6-1]
• Janelle's Survivor 10: El Salvador [Winner: bryjow123 - 4-2-1]
• Janelle's Survivor 11: Finland [Winner: TheEclipse - 4-3-2]

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Janelle's Survivor Series

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