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Hello, my name is Andrea.

Winner of Stars 525

The Walking Dead;
Andrea Harrison. “I tried.”

Sasha Williams. “Self-awareness is a beautiful thing.”

Tara Chambler. “Karmas a bitch, right?”
Fear The Walking Dead;
Madison Clark. “No one’s gone until they’re gone.”
Ofelia Salazar. “Tell him I was really looking forward to getting to know him."

Morgan McLeod. “If any person in the world could, ya know, decide to be ugly or cute, most would pick cute.”
Angelina Keeley. “Natalie, can I have your jacket?”
Andrea Boehlke. “You suck at this game.”

Big Brother;
Keesha Smith. “I think she was being a little barbie bitch.”
Angie “Rockstar” Lantry. “You are disgusting!”
The 100;
Raven Reyes. “You have to be willing to die to really live, I am.”
Orange Is The New Black;
Nicky Nichols. “Straight girls. They’ll fuck you up every time.”
Bea Smith. “It’s gonna be okay.”

Sons Of Anarchy;
Gemma Teller. “Vulnerability is a liability. No place for it in this life.”

Layla. “Real talk.”

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