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  1. sigh
  2. goodnight cuties
  3. why did u delete me from snap munchkin
  4. someone show their love
  5. what in the world y’all
  6. happy thanksgiving.
  7. who wants to be my lover
  8. who makes a better angel
  9. yall like my side boob
  10. who wants to call with me and my brother
  11. y'all weird
  12. time to get drunk!
  13. im playing sims 4.
  15. what in the world y’all!
  16. k and?
  17. wear my heart on my fist
  18. I was just thinking how it was weird
  19. keep my sweet name out of ur dirty mouth pls
  20. omg I wanted to join stars
  21. who wants to join stars with me :)
  22. I can’t wait to get drunk tomorrow
  23. omg I need this
  24. y’all like my avi
  25. Izzie Stevens.
  26. are u todays date?
  27. apparently someone I’ve never spoken to
  28. neigh bitches
  29. listen up Maturo.
  30. OMG back to back top fashionistas
  31. yay
  32. on a mission to position myself
  33. I can’t wait for tomorrow
  34. u look hot
  35. I wanna kiss a tengager
  36. yeah I got Wendy's.
  37. imagine filling ur profile with
  38. the birds work for the bourgeoisie
  39. omg nobody told me I was top fashionista
  40. u are so good baby

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love, lexey

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sighvote Oct 15, 2019
none of y’all compare to classicaz5 huh
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goodnight cutiesvote Oct 15, 2019
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why did u delete me from snap munchkin vote Oct 15, 2019
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someone show their love Oct 14, 2019
by gifting me this skin https://tengaged.com/shop/lover_131850
and I’ll send u nudes teehee
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what in the world y’all Oct 14, 2019
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happy thanksgiving. Oct 14, 2019
its thanksgiving in Canada today so I wanted to give a couple shoutouts to people I'm thankful for here.

itsalexia its been a whole year ty. all those people who talk shit about u and tell me not to be friends with u and I've been ignoring them and telling them you're my best friend for a whole year! im never bored talking to u. u are sooo funny and caring and sweet. I love that our sense of humour is the same and our love for Taylor is the same. lover tour 2020 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! ily so much

boicam77 are u gunna see this? probably not. am I still going to write it? absolutely! we've always been like 2 peas in a pod. u always make me laugh so much and u are the sweetest human being and I've seen u get fucked over too many times because of ur kindness. people aren't like u and they won't always appreciate that ANYWAY I love u forever and always and I will always always have ur back

delete2544 :~) u make me very happy and I love talking to u. u are very funny and always make me laugh. we talk like all day every day and I would die without u. we have so many inside jokes ILY

maturo lexturo forever. im always team Maturo and will always stick up for u. we've had our good times and our bad times BUT I love u forever lets get married and live in brandt69's basement :~)

astone929 u have the best pick up lines in the game. u always floor me. u make me a happy gal. u are one of the most genuine ppl I know on here. never change babe xox

daddydev we don't always talk but we always know we have each others backs and are LOYAL to the soil. u are one of the most real people on here and I admire u xx

eilish BITCH u drive me crazy half the time but I love u anyway. u are very loyal and I appreciate everything you've done for me. I miss u and we need to like play Roblox or something ok ?

brittbritt the sweetest darling girl I know. I like drinking with u on the weekends and playing games. im so lucky to have u and anybody who knows u should feel the same <3

sameed27 we have so many good times. that stars game was iconic. I miss calling with u everyday! u are such a sweetie and we get along so well <3

scononduders we've gotten closer recently and I've gotten to know the real u lmao I like him!! u give good advice and are always interesting to talk to. lover fest west baby.

other honourable mentions Im too lazy to write for x
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