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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is ⭐️Boy

sc// vanstng
discord// vans#5437

dearest vans. ur one of my most favourite ppl on this site and one of my closest friends. we’ve had lots and lots of good times together. I hope u know that even when we’re not talking or whatever that I will always be here for u and be on ur side. we’ve had our ups and downs and thicks and thins but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I feel like we have very similar senses of humour so we can always have a good laugh together. thank u for being u don’t EVER change dododo xx

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  1. times_places your mother is a psychiatrist
  2. horny grrr
  3. everyone: ""
  4. oh deary me here come the homosexuals
  5. dear god please take times_places and give us back..
  6. no troll
  7. am i alpha or beta?
  8. never-ending list of demands
  9. i do not fear hunger never ending.
  10. randomize made gagaluv delete blogs exposing..
  11. What is your dream job??!
  12. just played my first game of league of legends
  13. Goodnight Tengaged.
  14. People always assume that I’m homophobic
  15. I am a free agent again!
  17. ruh roh3rd
  18. My favourite thing about me on here
  19. Think Vancouver_Grizzlies losing his virginity rn
  20. the funniest thing

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  13. vansreborn added a comment on post "i really liked dis guy on here" 10 days
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