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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Vanessa ♥

Canadian girl 🇨🇦 ✨Highest Rank: 642✨

🌻 Skype • lynne_2207 🌻

🌹Discord: Vanessa12#4157🌹

~not all those who wander are lost~
💟 Group Games 💟
[8/18] Cutthroat Survivor: Costa Rica: Hero of the Season, Best UTR Player, Player of the Season nominee.
[3/20] Cutthroat Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, 2nd Runner-up
[6/20] C&A Survivor X: Blood vs. Water: Underdog of the Season, Hero of the Season nominee

“Vanessa - Stephenie Lagrossa (Palau) - Had one of the hardest path but still made it deep into the game. Someone that utilized her social nature to create bonds with the people she needed close to her”
-Comparison by Guigi ♡

“Vanessa had to fight hard for her place in this game. Losing Yung so early in the game, she had to adapt and totally change her strategy. Vanessa started to merge at the bottom of the game and gradually dig her way into the game. Creating daily goals, finding several Sea Coins on merge, buying perks and using them to gain loyalty, Vanessa played really well to get where she was.”
-C&A Survivor🌴, Underdog of the Season 🏆

My Games 130 games played

Day 4
23 Jun, 21
Day 3
22 Jun, 21
16 Jun, 21
12 Jun, 21
9 Jun, 21
6 Jun, 21
4 Jun, 21

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