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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Vanessa ♡


Skype • lynne_2207
Discord • VanessaLynne#4157
⭐️Winner of Stars #712⭐️

Group Games:

[3/17] Brady’s Survivor: Nassau: final jury member
-Player of the Season, Villain of the Season, VL Fan Favourite, MVP nom

[8/18] Cutthroat Survivor: Costa Rica
-Hero of the Season, Best UTR Player, Player of the Season nom

[3/20] Cutthroat Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, 2nd Runner-up

[2/16] Wild Survivor I
-Hero of the Season, Player of the Season

[6/20] C&A Survivor X: Blood vs. Water
-Underdog of the Season, Hero of the Season nom

[10/20] C&A Survivor XIII: All Stars 2 - Momentum
-Miss Chandlers Favourite Player of the Season ♡
V is for Very Berry Flavor!!
Sent by Matedog1209,Jul 7, 2022

“Vanessa is gonna come back for like legends and win the game unanimously with 0 votes to her name pre-FTC and she’s going to have found 2 idols and win the final immunities. Such an icon- Matedog1209, 6/26/2022” <3

“Who gave you your worst blindside on here?
For me it was lynn12 bodybagging me for 5th in a casting after I saved her in like 8 votes across 3 consecutive castings. My heart. It shatters.
Apr 24, 2022 by ChaaChiing“

My Games 217 games played

23 Nov, 22
31 Oct, 22
23 Oct, 22
8 Oct, 22
2 Oct, 22
27 Sep, 22
20 Sep, 22

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