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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Yunggunzkeep18, but y’all can call me yung


when one door closes, another one opens. Survivor over big brother any day. If u think I’ll go out easily, think again. Favorite survivor players are Tony Vlachos and Tyson Apostol

Group games:

Cutthroat Survivor:Lipari Islands- 11th/16, 1st Jury member
DanZ Survivor - Indonesia - 1st/16 place sole survivor
Cutthroat Survivor: Papua New Guinea- 5th/16, 6th Jury member
BB’S Survivor: Malakula|Blood VS Water- 16th/20, best pre-merger of the season
DanZ Survivor-All Stars- 10th/21, 4th Jury member
Fire Survivor season 4: Vets vs Rookies - 5th/16, 14th Jury member- Hero of the season
Cutthroat Survivor: Heroes vs Villains- the Heroes tribe, 13th/20
CrazyFreaks Survivor 1- Raja Ampat, 6th/20, 6th Jury member
LTC Survivor: Rapa Nui, 4th/18, 8th Jury Member, Player of the Season
BigBen’S Survivor-Survivor Cyprus: Dynamic Duos, 3rd/20
C&A Survivor: Seven Seas, 4th/16,
7th Jury member, Hero of the season
C&A Survivor: Blood Vs Water, 15th/20, Most robbed award
C&A Survivor XIII - All Stars 2 Momentum, 9th/20, 4th jury member, Hero/underdog of the season
BK’s Survivor season 2:Santoroni, 4th/16, 6th Jury member. Hero of the season, VL fan favorite, alliance of the season
BigBen's Survivor: Norway, 11th place, 3rd Jury member, award for best confessionals (co shared with Brady (coachwade )
BK’s Survivor all stars season 6,
10th place , 4th jury member, alliance of the season
BK and C&A Survivor : worlds collide: 11th place , 3rd jury member

Orgs experience

Amethyst Survivor: Jewels of the past, 11th place, 3rd jury member
CJvivor season 2: 7th place, 4th jury member
Mikey’s Survivor season 15: coachella Valley: 11th place, 2nd jury member
Survivor Worlds season 19: 5th place
Awards for best confessionals and best duo award with Uni

Big Brother:
Rose’s Big Brother season 3: Live for Power- 5th/ 16, 7th Jury member
Bens Big Brother season 1- 7th/16, 5th Jury member, America’s favorite player
V&S Big Brother 2- 9th/16, 3rd Jury member
Lockdown Big Brother season 1-
7th/19 voted out 3-0, underdog/hero of the season

“Yung was a crucial swing vote in several key tribals, and carried an idol to protect him when needed. As threats dropped around him, he remained the prime contender to make f3 with players he can win against. However, a successful idol play and a strong showing across different tribals made his F3 allies Jay/Jordan weary of going to the end with him and he went home in 4th in the classiest way possible.”
-LTC Survivor: Rapa Nui, Player of the Season 🌴

Lynn12 <3

My Games 381 games played

12 Jun, 21
21 May, 21
16 May, 21
25 Feb, 21
17 Jan, 21
9 Jan, 21
1 Jan, 21

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