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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Ahmad


Nikki's TGBBV2S7: Winner (1st)
Nikki's TGBBV2S8 (All stars): Runner-Up (2nd)
Nikki's TGBBV2S9: Winner (1st)
Survivor Suriname: 8th
Fire Survivor Season 1: 4th
Isolation S1: Runner-Up (2nd)
CrackHead Reality TV: 8th
Mrkk's Random.Org Game S1: Runner-Up (2nd)
Mrkk's Random.Org Game S2: 5th
Season 3>>> 'Tis The Szn: Winner
T&C Survivor: Cape Verde: 4th
Crash Pad: Boot Camp >> 7th

Fastings Winning: 1st
Casting: 1st
Frookies winning: 1st
Rookies winning: 1st
Survivor merges: 8
Hunger Games: 6th
🌟 First Star(#624) ever 🌟(4th)
🌟 Star(#635) 🌟 (4th)


My Skype: live:.cid.52efc9a598fbdbe9

Color level:
White: June 29th
Yellow: July 3rd
Orange: July 13th
Light Green: August 1st
Dark Green: August 12th
Blue: August 19th
Purple: September 19th
Red: October 8th
Brown: February 28th
Black: February 28th
Silver: February 28th
Gold: September 4th
Sky: September 4th
Blood: September 4th
Tv star: September 4th

💫Season 6 Winner of Music War💫

My Games 161 games played

Day 3
22 Sep, 21
Day 9
19 Sep, 21
7 Sep, 21
31 Aug, 21
31 Aug, 21
31 Aug, 21
28 Aug, 21

My Blog Check my blog!

  1. Praying for women to run this survivor season
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  13. Kind of sad. She brought drama
  14. Midiaw won stars :)
  15. 11……
  16. Akshar finished 9th in stars
  17. Not the drama 🤣
  18. Just a reminder: I’m tv star :)
  19. I feel emotional today
  20. Good morning ☀️

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