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Ashley's Big Brother

Welcome to Icons Big Brother
Winner will receive 3 gifts from my shop
Memory Wall:

Winner: Demi Lovato: Katherine
Runner up: Angelina Jolie: David
3rd: XTINA: Nichole
4th: Naomi Campbell: Zoon
5th: Miley Cyrus: Cameron
6th: Mariah Carey: Minie
7th: JLO: Levonini
8th: Selena Gomez: Damien
9th: Nicole Richie: Eilish
10th: Bella Hadid: Hisoka
11th: Kourtney Kardashian: AmandyBynes
12th: Pink: Kiara_xoxo
13th: Jennifer Aniston: Sugarcrash
14th: Sophia Richie: Smuguy
15th: Tyra Banks: Shellbelle
16th: Paris Hilton: Akeria

Winner: Kylie Jenner: Sandym89
Runner up: Taylor Swift: sameed27
3rd: Lady Gaga: marekk27v2
4th: Marilyn Monroe: Minie
5th: Cher: Levonini
6th: Lisa: eilish
7th: Cardi B: deshonbannedisback
8th: Britney Spears: damo1990
9th: Nicki Minaj: zoon
10th: Rosalia: varlto
11th: Lindsay Lohan: sugarcrash
12th: Beyonce: shellbelle
13th: Ariana Grande: Hints
14th: Kim Kardashian: princessapeach
15th: Megan Fox: Violets
16th: Shakira: danyyboy67

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Ashley's Big Brother

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