Fraternity The Mountain Movers

A lovely frat who will ‘Move Mountains’ to make others happy :) We only spread positivity and love! Feel free to join as long as you are a decent human being ;)

Founded on- 4/7/17 By Our King Terrance (ImGonnaWin)

•Job Roles•:

- President: Bella (Bella1)
- Vice President: Greg (Spikedcurley)
- Vice Vice President: Jake (Ratchett)
- Star Seat Organiser: King (Alvino)
- Recruiter: Pablo (Paul028)

Stars Winners/Finalists Since They Joined the Frat #MountainMovers:

• ImGonnaWin - 1 - Winner
• SpikedCurley - 1 - Winner ( 24/07/17)
• Pizzawithcookirs - 3rd ( 30/07/17)
• Allison - Winner (01/10/2017 )
• Roshy - Winner ( 08/10/2017)
• Robbster1313 - Winner (15/10/2017) ( 3RD WIN IN A ROW )
• BigMamaT - 2nd ( 17/12/2017) Frat Seat Winner!
• Ethan000 - Winner ( 17/12/2017)
• iYBF - Winner ( 07/01/2018)
• Damo1990 - Winner (21/01/2018)
• Crush - 3rd (11/03/2018 ) Frat Seat Winner!

~Peak Position~ #2

~Frat Charity!~
• 01/09/2018: Ratchett


#1 - RESPECT EVERYONE! This is a loving community no bad vibes are allowed!
#2 - Dont star ANYONE unless i say so! Especially during the stars seat game! .
#3 - If it happens that we win , There will be either a Tengaged poll or you will send me your reason for wanting to be sent in OR I may choose! Depends on the situation.

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Public Comments

  1. patricenka9star me in guys <3
  2. JunsheavenCan star me in?
  3. EmberMoonIf anyone 16+ needs a job these companies are hiring part time and temp jobs only but good pay so check it out!
  4. AlineRougeHeeeey ❤
  5. purplebb4Hey Y'all, Star me if you can but i'll wait if I have too :))
  6. Dashingbretttykerstar please?
  7. Emperor987Hello everyone, i would love it if you could star me in
  8. MrNorrisstar me?
  9. paul028Star me please x
  10. spartagowStar me
  11. Wade03Hey
  12. treytrey97Star me please
  13. AbsoluteAssholeI have something positive to say about all you miserable retarded losers- you’re all eventually gonna die now hurry up and star me in
  14. xcrunvt
  15. MvrshmallowCatSees

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when tengaged dies...

0 Ratchett, Dec 12, 2018

there will only be a select few of us that will go on our normal lives, while the rest of you sit in your basement wondering what the fuck y’all are gonna do now. no more tengaged, very very soon


Bro this site needs to die

2 Ratchett, Dec 12, 2018

You can’t join games without being taken out by premades.


Hey cunt,

1 Ratchett, Dec 12, 2018

I filtered you long before Frookies cause you accused me of lying when I didn’t. Bye bitch!

President of The Mountain Movers

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 2

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