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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Bloodyhellfish&chips

Kellyt210 ~ We were in Redemption ... We were in Nexus... Both times i got booted for something stupid (i.e. not being a sheep and having my own voice) but both times you stood by me and stayed true to me even after i was gone...You still do...I love your loyalty... I love how you're always laid back chill and level headed... you are there when i need to vent and never judge me... and always know when to just listen and when to give me your thoughts... You are truly one of a kind :)

You're amazing!!!

First Tengaged buddy ever, we talk to each other every other day at least once without fail. Ilysm nd i hope we can stay as tight as we are now for a very long time.. I trust you my lil tengaged buddy ;] <3

Good Friend, Amazing Girl, Nice look and much more too say :)

Luvs the weaves.
Long nails too


I have only just met you recently but you have been great since day one. ILY and i can't wait till we are able to play more games together. You are awesome.

Kelly, at first we didn't get along due to a misunderstanding. But we've played a few games since then and you're a lovely person. Much love <3

Kelly, Your Soooooooo Kind, And I Love Yaa to Pieces Dont ever change We Love You Just The Way You Are, Bffl <3

Kelly I just met you, and you're nice. I like your accent :o and you need to ignore the haters as your amazing gurl <3 you're a quick learner at transformice and you're fun to talk with :) cant wait to play a game together soon

Kellyt210 ~ Another Redemption member that i love! You are so hilarious! You always bring a smile to my face! You are so caring and sweet, it's people like you that make me NOT want to leave tengaged! ♥

Kelly - You seem very cute and you seem to be doing very well on tengaged, ily ;) Keep up the good work <3 x

We have only played once with each other, But your always writing lovely comments on my blogs, You are such a Nice person, and we should really talk more <3

Kelly, you crazy brit. haha, I love talking to you so much, you're an absolute sweetheart and so funny :) and i will get on call when i'm drunk one day, just for you..i promise. haha

Kellyt210 - Met you when i was in Stars and i'm so glad. You are a super nice girl and our chats on Skype have been great.

Kellyt210 - I met you in survivor. I know i was a goner i thank you for being honest <3 i wish you could of merged but we faced the like hardest tribe ever lol. your really nice. if you ever want to join a game together just ask <3

Kelly it has been a while, we have never played a game on here, but we played a games on .es, and you made that awesome pic of me! Maybe we can play again soon Kelly, or should i say PrincessRosa (also i can not believe you posted a redtube link on .es and you never banned LMFAO)

Kelly, youre amazing, funny and soooo dedicated to this site, you have a very few enemies because you're just so easy to get along with, im soo happy me and you are friends irl and i feel so lucky to have met you :)

Kelly: Loves you so much!! <333 What can I say? Wonderful player and friend!

Kellyt210 ~ Great gal from near my neck of the woods [and whom has been to my hometown! not many here can say THAT, guarenteed lol!] You think that i sound posh...! :( I don't, at all! The calls with you are great, even if Duncan deems calling me about 20 x a day normal... lol! So wanted you in the giveaway! I think you'll make it big on tengaged though <3

Kelly ♥ - You are suchhhh a nice person!! I am SO glad that i've met you! I love going on calls with you and i adore your british accent :) we didn't make it into the stars giveaway but we'll for sure have our chance soon x

♥Kelly - You always know how to cheer me up when I am sad. I love your british accent & how you are so gullible! We have had many good times together and hopefully many more to come!

[18:50:40] QuackerzIRL - real: Kelly - The most amazingly fantastical person on Tengaged.

kelly - awkwardly missed her out when i did this so here it is now. kelly your really sweet and the word for you is bubbly yeh bubbly! I love your sense of humour and i missed you since the last time we played together x :) hope you forgive me for missing you out

Kelly - your avatar is really cute ha ha i wish i was mine :) x you do really well in games. hopefully we could chat some time :) x

Kelly - Always there to help, so sweet and helpful x I <3 KELLY!

Kelly - Fun, down to earth girl :) Really wanna play with you some time :D

Kellyt210 - HEY GURL HEY <3 haha you beat me in the stars pool we were sooo close they should have let us all go thru! <3 ur a CUTE PERSON over all lolz! and seem nice soo message me wen ever you want! <3

Kelly - You are one super sweet girl. You and I were in Zimy's BFF challenge together and the whole time i was pulling for you to win. The one challenge where we had to find 'dirt' on each other, i just couldn't do it. You are a really really nice person and saying something mean about you, even if it was just for fun, would be way to hard. I would have felt so mean.

Kellyt210: So many people out there that like you. We have never had the chance to play together though. I think we will cooperate in a really good way.

Kellyt210 - I have been in a few games with you and your super nice so i like you.

Kelly: One of the nicer people on here very sweet and fun to play with. I know in real life we would get along amazingly because i think you would be just the same sweet lovable person :) we would hang out like all the time, well when we're not busy in life anyways :P but we would hang out we get and text and email alotttt we would most likely be best friends :)

Kelly - OMG you are like my favourite person, you are so nice and i love you <3 Kelly you're an amazing person and I mean it ❤

Kelly - fun times with ms kelly!! love our nexus convos, so glad that i got to know you! <33

Kellyt210 - hmmm, we met in the bn and haven't joined a game yet. But you're a great girl and you know how to party! You're amazing and i hope we can join a game soon.

You're a sweetheart! Jason loves you and hes a super nice guy, so you must be incredibly nice too!! ^_^ I also know that you supported me in stars which is much appreaciated. You seem like a genuine girl so keep it up!

Kellyt210 - Gurl you so fierce and cute, you got spunk, class and an amazing personality. Luvs reading your blogs, and i'm glad we met in that castings or i would never of met you. :)

Kellyt210 - You nommed me for 7th in vedats game nty :( but now we are great friends :D talking everyday with you is fun :D and i got black first ttyn <3

Kellyt210 - One of my favourite british people <3. You are one of the reasons i havent gone insane...yet. You always know what to say. You make me smile and when i see you have logged on skype i get excitied know that we will get an opportunity to converse.

Kellyt210 - We've known each other for like a month now? When we first got talking it was like we were long lost friends or something. Ily - you're lovely, a great laugh and super level headed. I'm glad we met you <333

Kelly - ahaha i cant remember if we've ever played a game together. but your really nice and funny when we talk on skype. ahahaha you seem to have a sick mind and thats great :P

Next shoutout is to Kellyt210! <3
OMG GIRL I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. :') You are so sweet and amazing ... I wanted to see you get in Newbie Stars SO BADLY. Ugh i even spammed for ya haha, ah well! Hope to see you kick ass in stars some day. ;)

Kellyt210 - Youre such a sweetheartt, i've only spoken to you in the big chat but we have most of the same views on things and i love that about you so much <3 I'm glad you stand by your views and don't let other people make you think differently :)

kelly - ahahah we have alota fun times on skype and shit.. but we've never played together on tengaged? wtf is up with that :P

Kellyt120- Kelly, you're such a sweetheart. You are one of the nicest people on tengaged. Seriously. You're so nice to everyone, and I'm really glad I met you. Thank you for everything<3

[Kellyt210] I love you for offering support that time I was really down <3 I hope you understand that I only didn't take you up on it because it was a really long story.. I still know you're there and I'll always be here for you if you need someone to talk to :)

Kelly- all i can say is ifly and that you are amazing

Kellyt210-Omg u know how i feel about uuu But you know your one of my bestesttt friends on the siteee and we talk 24/7 xD ilyyy :*

Kellyt210-We met on this account gurl, you are so funny and ily. Haha.

♥Kellyt210- kelly :* you are so great and aweseome and come up w/ the weirdest stuff, but its always funny weird stuff :p you are one of the few people i can talk to w/o feeling like your judging me, and that you are actually listening. which means a fuckload to me :p and you have a fucking sexy accent and i love you <333 keep being amazing always :D

Kelly bby- ily ily ily.I can't stop saying ily cuz ily! Well anyway, kelly, you are such a nice person and very powerful :**. You make me smile and sometimes laugh. I can talk to you about basically anything without you getting mad or pissed. What a great friend you are:)

Kellyt210: Kellyyyyy. I dont remember the exact way we met but you're a really sweet and awesome girl. You were added to the Blazing Aces recently and we've gotten to know more about each other really well. You were there to listen to me when i was depressed and i was there to listen to you as well. You definitely understand me more than some others on this site, and for that i love you! There's been some drama in the chat with you the last couple of days but i still love you, and you're an amazing person with an amzing personality. You're really pretty too :) I love your accent btw, it's really amazing and kinda turns me on aha ;) I hope we never have a falling out because i honestly couldn't handle being mad or upset with you lol. You're one of my best friends on this site :)

So fetchhhhhh<3 I think you're a really, really sweet and caring girl, and you have a lot of friends on this site. Right when I met you, you were really nice and complimentary to me, and I know that's just how you are.

Kellyt210: You just made a big appearance to me recently, so I keep getting confused, I'm used to being the only Kelly (Well besides princesskk but shes called Kels :P) You're such a sweetheart from what I know about you <3 And I have never heard a bad thing about you :)

Kellyt210: You're a lesbian and we're on call. yay. You hate the word Pussy, but like what are you supposed to say when describing another word for cat? Loves talking to you, you're so sweet and cute to me, and kinda threatening, cos you said make it nice or imma hurt you :/. You're a smart bitch when it comes to school *stares at my C's* and you're just a good laugh :)

Kelly: Let me just say you're actually one of my best friends, we ALWAYS go on Private Calls >:) You've been amazing in the short time i know you, and no wonder why tengaged likes you so much :* I was sad when you were leaving because I was losing a truly good friend. :) I love you , you've done so much for me and I hope you like me too :)

[01:49:10] xxNinthxx: kelly
[01:49:20] xxNinthxx: has anyone told you you are the most naturally likeable person ever
[01:49:31] Kelly (Kellyt210): :O
[01:49:35] xxNinthxx: like i havent interacted with you like ever
[01:49:40] xxNinthxx: but i love you because ur so damn likeable

grey :P
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grey :P
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grey :P
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well i guess that bitch was so sure of her answer she had to post it 3 times
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Kellyt210 - KELLY!!!!! YOU + ME + PRESUMED = Slow rookies!! <3 You helped Presumed with me in my first winning cast. You are great.You're lovely, great thing you spoke up and we got to the end as an alliance.. <3

kelly – I heard so many amazing things about you from jason before I finally had the chance to talk to you and im so glad I finally did talk to you. You are truly an amazing girl and a complete plus is your english!!! :D I miss talking to you in the total chaos chat but I cant talk in there for reasons I have.

kellyt- I love you kelly!!!!!!!!!! Youre so sweet and hear u got a great english accent on calls hahaha XD I love being in Total Chaos with ya and im glad we became friends!

♥Kellyt210- Kelly you are such an amazing person and you have the cutest voice in the world. I love your horrible mic that makes spaceship noises. You are so nice to everyone! I love you girl.

Kellyt - :) you're an amazingly sweet girl. One of the most genuinely nice people that i've talked to on Tengaged. We've been through a few different alliances together and you've been one of the only reasons i ever stuck around through some of the low points during my time on Tengaged. You're amazing at cheering me up and I love how happy and funny you are about things. I feel like we've grown closer these past couple weeks and I hope we can talk even more because you're an amazing girl.

Kellyt210 - You are without a doubt one of the most amazing people on this site! You a great friend to me and have helped me through a lot. When I have problems I know I can talk to you and get the right advice. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Ily <3

Kellyt210-ummmm the day you randomly messaged me out of nowhere about your owl was soo funny, you're such a nice person and I'm still embarrased by that owl picture I made, we need to talk more kty.

Kellyt210 - Omg did you log on just to plus this blog? Because I thought you left tengaged haha?!? I love you kelly so very much :) You have been my friend for a very long time and I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for you. You helped me so much throughout the process of me coming out as male and for that I am eternally thankful to you. You have been nothing but an amazing friend and an amazing support system for me. Whenever I had problems I knew I could come to you and you would offer me a helping hand. So thank you. Honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a very special person to me and I'm so glad I have you in my life. You made my tengaged life that much more amazing. I love you very much and I am so thankful I was able to find such an amazing friend like you on this crazy website. Thanks :) ILY xxxx ♥♥♥♥♥

Kellyt210♥; OMFG ily sooooo much ♥ but like we dont even speak now =[ or hardly at all i feel we have grown apart :'( but anywho you are amazing i cant say ANYTHING honestly bad about you ♥

kellyt210- OK HERE IT IS BEFORE IM BANNED UH OH. ILY hehehe we have so many memories together. calling out bitches and taking names in noob stars ^_^ destroying in duo rookies, adr (smirk) , and just our chats in general. We can talk about anything and have it not be awkward cuz were both screwed up like that Haaaaaaaaaaa ;] Were both drunks and its ok cuz its funn. =]
[3:19:02 PM] Kellyt210: gingers crossed
[3:20:04 PM] Kellyt210: ^ LOOOOL i ment fingers

Hi Kelly, Bitch x

Killyt201- We have so many memories together :')) and i am happy to be able to call you my best friend on this site. I meet u like a year ago.. and i thought who the fuck is this newb LOL and i thought u were offense. I finally started to talk to you when i got banned LOL which was in march.. and after that we became best friends and u always used to say you were going to quit but i wouldnt let you!!!11 Then later in the summer... when u used to get drunk all the time! :P stupid mistaktes. I always used to troll everyone on your skype and make you new friends LOLLLLLLLL. youre welcome. Im happy that were both back on now and are talking, because we always get mad at eachother and then were fine -_- Youre so nice and funny around everyone and eveyrone loves u =] ty for sticking up for me against losers! LOL even tho i dont remember that. Im here if you ever need to talk to me about anything and i know that i can tell you anything =] ILY ... I hope that we will be friends for a long time.. and btw i killed ur owl sorry.!

[16:44:40] Mark B: Miss *******, I thought i'd send you a little message to hopefully make your day brighter. Thanks for everything over this past week, you've been absolutely wonderful, so far you've never judged me or had stern words with me even though in some cases i would have accepted those punishments. I know i haven't been as good of a friend back to you but you mean so much to me, I don't know how i would have gotten through this week leading up to Christmas without you, you have already turned into the greatest person i've talked to. I love you so much right now and i genuinely hope that we never lose touch because i know i can trust you 100% and you're so dependable. We've had some great memories in this past week and a few bad times aswell but i don't regret any of the bad times because they've made our relationship so much stronger!!!!!111

I love you Kelly; you are like the best friend i never had.
LMFAO [markb101]

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